What then is Magic?


Let’s jump right in. If you try to use magic, it will inevitably destroy you, as will any power. Whatever you use comes back to haunt you. One must become Magic.

So what then is Magic? Magic is the self-aware matrix of existence and non-existence. Like intent, it brings things into being. It is the crux between. It is the whisper within that says this is the way, and if you look away for a moment it is gone – and yet, you can’t even look straight at it. It is the hairbreadth of instant.

It is like this: there are the ordinary, non-ordinary and extraordinary realities, and magic allows those who listen to move and do that which exists outside of the norm. Magic is the creative aspect of the fabric of existence and non-existence. Magic is the infinite nature of the abstract. We perceive things as solid and magic shows us the fluidity of it all and through synchronous acts we link up with it. It only works when we are not separate from it, as things seem to move seamlessly with the wind. So too should we with magic.

I can hear some saying, “Hanakia, I though that you said that you don’t believe in anything.” I don’t. This is simple and effortless listening and application of the boundless self. Magic is a discipline, a craft of consistency based on connection and listening.

When I touch a body of water, I feel the entire body and can access all of it. It has nothing to do with faith; it has to do with what is there. As one becomes power, you realize what you have at your avail. It was like when I was learning the Martial Arts and first realized that I could easily kill a human being. That changed everything. In the responsibility of that power, I learned to understand the nuances of power, energy, ability, intent; life is delicate.

An artist learns the subtleties of her/his craft and instruments. So too does a Magician. It is not about slight of hand. That is illusion and is misnamed.

Magic is about becoming.

People say that we are energy. We are not; we use energy. We are more than the things that most humans reason us into being. And much less than we appear to be. We think of this universe as a physical thing, when in reality what moves it is invisible. Even with us, the mind, spirit and soul; you can’t see them, but we use them. We breathe that which we cannot see, but we know it is there. Magic is a force that takes what is and what is not and adapts it; changes it into something else. It makes the non-physical, physical and the material, fluid. There is universal design and laws that keep things in place and functional. Magic is what takes those laws and bends them and allows for the extraordinary.

By becoming, I mean acquiescing, listening and adhering. You then realize that you are more than just a human being. We learn to access the spirit of things, the essence and move with it as it. An example is “Calling The Wind.” You don’t actually call it; you feel it. You remember it moving over you and through you. Then you whisper to the trees because they call the breeze, then there is a unison; inseparable.

In Magic, we merge with synchronicity, a deep point of listening, watching and seeing. In a way, it is timing – riding a slipstream of effortless possibility and acquisition. The world doesn’t get in the way; it is the drawing board; the scraps that we use to assemble “The Craft.”

The Earth, on the other hand, is a different story. We blend with The Earth itself, the air/wind, fire and core, water and depth, wood and elemental spirits, and metal as we blend all the elements for material utilization, and spirit to communicate with all.

Those who summon get more than they bargain for. Those who cast the spells never last. Those who listen and abide within have Magic’s Glean and Glisten.

That you may be touched by the crux between the seen and unseen, bending and blending the known with the unknown; when this is kith, kin, and friend…..this is Magic, then!

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Hanakia Zedek
Hanakia Zedek is a Spiritual Leader in Twin Cities specializing in The Philosophy of Nothing. Known for his cutting edge application of the Psycho~Spiritual Arts; he shows how all that is and is not emerges from within. Contact him at 612.205.7337, email [email protected] or visit: www.hanakiazedek.org, www.emissaryarts.com or www.hanakia.multiply.com.


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