Summerland Spirit Festival


Summerland Spirit Festival, a nine-day experiential spiritual retreat for followers of a nature-based spiritual path, will take place this summer in the Upper Midwest.

Nestled within several square miles of wild forest near Turtle Lake, WI, this festival will provide the chance to heal, reconnect with nature, attend workshops, experience several group rituals, dance, drum, and make new friends.

The concept for Summerland Spirit Festival emerged only eight months ago when a group of people who had previously served on the board of directors for other Earth-centered spiritual festivals came together to create a better festival experience.  The result is a festival that is intended for individuals who wanted the combination of abundant wildlife, beautiful scenery, and being able to spiritually grow, while still having access to very nice facilities, such as showers, modern bathrooms, and professionally prepared food.

It is the first festival that is intended to be an all-inclusive spiritual retreat for followers of Earth-centered spiritual traditions.

For more information, visit the Summerland Spirit Festival website at

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