A Soul Shift for Sherri : Anchoring a New Life Purpose


Sherri sat in my kitchen, and gave me a litany of physical pains in her body, from head to toe, literally. They were all predominantly on the right side of the body, pains from a history of violence — an assault which landed her in the hospital as a young woman, from a displeased suitor when she declined his advances; a car accident; years of violence in personal relationships. I was going to try out a new Theta Healingâ„¢ technique I had read about, and I wanted to know what I was contending with.

Finally, Sherri lay beside the fireplace, and I sat at her head.

I went into a “theta” space, and began pulling, aligning, lifting, clearing, etc.

At one point, a big globular ball of energy moved up through her body, while I sounded a tone to clear it, and it went out the top of her head to the Source for clearing.

I could feel the locations of the pains she talked about, neck, shoulder, feet, etc. I moved into these energies, shifted and moved and cleared them.

At one point, I could see an etheric Sherri step out of her body, and go “up.” Then I noticed she had fallen asleep. One of the things Sherri mentioned was that she has a hard time going to sleep — “The pain.”

While Sherri lay asleep, I continued to shift and move and clear her energy. I asked her soul why it had incarnated, what its life purpose was. Sherri had lived such a hard life. She naturally has such a happy, bubbly lively energy, very sweet and sincere. Why had she incarnated into this life of incredible difficulty? Her soul responded it had incarnated to “experience enslavement.” That fit. From everything I knew about Sherri, she had always given up her desires and been willing to be enslaved by the wishes of others. To the point of being choked to death by an ex-husband. She went to the light, met her Grandma, who told her it wasn’t her time. She came back into her body, alive, opened her eyes to see her then-husband standing over her. A lucky day for him.

I asked her soul if it was willing to release this purpose, and it said yes. When I asked it what it would like to replace this purpose with, it said, “Wholeness and serenity.” We pulled and cleared her previous purpose and replaced it with the new one.

I knew this would be a turning point in Sherri’s life, when her life got better, consistently.

I could feel how the shifts we were making would affect the matrix of people around her — her children, grandchildren, mother, family members, whether or not they had much contact with her. Her mother’s spirit appeared during the healing. I could feel her mother’s anguish over a child who could never seem to make it out of the grips of darkness. Sherri’s family had shunned and excluded her on many occasions, not understanding her life purpose (not that knowing her life purpose would have made it any easier to accept). Her mother was taking in light during the healing, I could feel her relief that finally her child was relieved of this destiny.

A huge shift
I eventually finished, and got up, leaving Sherri asleep. She soon awoke, and exclaimed “Wow!”

“Why wow?” I asked. “What was it like for you?”

She said even though she was asleep, it felt like she was in another world. And she noticed she had no pain in her body, except for a little bit in her neck. She felt she had experienced a huge shift, as well.

The next day an old boyfriend from high school got in touch with her. It turns out he has studied pranic healing for years and has healed many people of difficult issues, such as cancer. Is this a long-term connection? We’ll watch and see.

Last night, Sherri went out to the bar with a friend dancing. Before going out, she told me that she had pictured herself up on stage, giving a speech to everyone, telling them, “Let’s all have fun together!” I had been positive intentioning with Sherri for years, and now she was spontaneously doing it without anyone’s suggestion, in her own way, to create a safe space for herself.

Sherri loves to dance, and had always met with hostility from her old boyfriend for enjoying herself. She enjoyed herself that night, and even had a half dozen guys approach her. One charming one was Jake, more than half her age, who, when she protested that she was too old, insisted that she write his name and number on her cigarette box.

Spontaneously and naturally
She found a nice well-off man to drive her home. He put his arms around her. “It felt good,” said Sherri, “but I knew I didn’t want to go down that road.” It was amazing to hear Sherri listening to her inner wisdom, even with alcohol in her system, and actually following it — something I and many others had implored her to do countless times before, and now she was doing so spontaneously and naturally.

I knew Sherri was living her new life. It’s amazing to watch her make such a huge shift as a soul from such a short session, with only some minor follow-up. Her travel will be a steady upward journey at this point, as the shift her soul made works its way through the dimensions. The pain will ease its way out of her life, as the hatred releases its grip on her soul. I had been working with her for years using “traditional” meditation, visualization, lightworking and prayer approaches, and it hadn’t created as fundamental a shift as I had through Theta Healingâ„¢. Perhaps everything before had prepared her for a huge shift.

I’ve used the techniques on myself and others and have seen massive and rapid shifts. It’s nice to be able to create such transformational and pivotal shifts. It’s amazing and a relief that things don’t need to be as hard and take as long anymore.

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Theresa Annette Nygard
Theresa Annette Nygard leads spiritual growth groups in the Twin Cities, and is co-founder of the Spirit Unlimited, an organization which supports the leaders, teachers and healers in the spiritual awareness movement. She can be reached at 612-270-3312, [email protected], www.Meetup.com/SpiritUnlimited/.


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