Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing with John Armitage

John Armitage

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing (MDH) is a system of high-frequency energies that activate and expand conscious awareness and accelerate personal growth. Through Shamballa MDH, you can release your old emotional patterns and beliefs, and replace them with love without conditions and freedom. This exchange can activate a journey of reclaiming your true self, while embracing a life of joy, harmony, peace, self-mastery and love.

Shamballa MDH gives you tools to step into your power and create the magnificent life you long to live. You can learn to love yourself while remembering – and allowing – your innate knowingness of your connection with Mother/Father God and all of creation.

The energies of Shamballa are passed through activations, which were brought in during the mid-1990s by Englishman John Armitage, also known as Hari Das Baba. These activations were delivered directly to him by Multi-Dimensional Master Germain, who works closely with each student.

Besides being the founder of Shamballa MDH, John Armitage is a world-renowned homeopathic doctor, as well as a master, teacher and facilitator of various ancient esoteric healing arts, including crystals, vibrational healing, and gem and flower essences. He has been an open channel since childhood, having the ability to both see and traverse multi-dimensionally. He travels around the world teaching and sharing his wisdom, and has initiated many projects to assist in the anchoring of light and love on planet earth, including Shamballa MDH.

John Armitage will be present at the Carondelet Center in St. Paul on July 17 to offer activations into the Shamballa MDH energies. Participants will experience the Shamballa MDH method of personal transformation. To say John will “explain” Shamballa falls short. It is more accurate to say John IS the frequency of Shamballa. He lives it. You will receive a lightning bolt of love, freedom and self-mastery to catapult you into stepping into your own power and knowing.

The following are the Shamballa MDH classes:

  • Basic Master Healer: In this two-day workshop, you receive a basic introduction to energy healing. The focus is on releasing old emotional patterning, accepting yourself as a divine creative being, and welcoming the energies of Shamballa — of love and freedom. As you replace the old energies with the welcoming Shamballa energies, you experience healing and connect with your Divine Source. You may then use these energies to continue to facilitate healing for yourself and others at any time.
  • 13 Dimensions Master Healer: This four-day workshop provides initiations into the 12 dimensions of Shamballa energies, plus a 13th initiation, which opens you to further activations as they become available to humanity. You work with each level to ground the energy. Experiencing and embodying these energies and the accompanying clearings and meditations will truly facilitate your stepping into your own mastery. Though there is no pre-requisite to this class, it is possible that persons who have had some experience with energy work or who have taken the Shamballa Basic Master Healer class might integrate this workshop with greater ease.

Upon completion of Shamballa MDH courses, one is certified and registered by the Shamballa School of Esoteric Sciences and receives an official certificate. A schedule of upcoming course offerings by local teachers over the coming months will be made available at the introductory evening and people may sign up. For more information, you may also contact Mary Beth Curry, [email protected], or 651.788.2459.

John’s message has always been “to be the love that you are, to stand in your own power, and to use that power in love.” He invites you to consider that perhaps NOW is the time for your transformation.

(Please note that in the coming months, the name of Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing will be changed to Personal Transformation for the New Paradigm with the Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing (MDH) Method, to reflect its work in the new paradigm.)

John Armitage’s “Taste of Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing” appearance will be from 6:30-9 p.m. Tuesday, July 17, at Carondelet Center, 1890 Randolph Ave., St. Paul, in Room G-1. $15 in advance can be sent to Mary Beth Curry, P.O. Box 6962, Minneapolis, MN 55406. For more info, contact Mary Beth Curry, [email protected] or 651.788.2459.

For more information on the local Shamballa community and activities, please visit For more information on John Armitage and Shamballa MDH, see,,, and

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Mary Beth Curry
Mary Beth Curry has been a student and teacher of Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing since 2007. She strongly feels that the teachings fulfill a deep need for humanity, and is passionate about sharing these tools for personal growth and transformation, especially during our changing times. Mary Beth’s MBA and law degree led her to a 20-year career in public policy, government relations and law. She is also a certified meditation teacher and has a background in: Flower Essence Balancing, Circles of One Earth Healing, ACCESS Consciousness, and sacred geometry using crystals. Contact Mary Beth by phone or email for more information about her classes.


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