Eagle Symposium: Self-Care for You, the Healer


Who heals the healer at the end of the day? Did you do for yourself as you did for your clients today? Do you have the resiliency to over come the obstacles that are in your way?

Bette Jo Arnett — homeopath, educator and author of Whole-istic Dentistry: Balancing Convention with Ancient Wisdom — has designed the Eagle Symposium to provide practical ways for healers to care for themselves. The weekend event is October 25-27 at the Historic Banks Building in Minneapolis

“This course will assist the holistic practitioner in utilizing self-care tools in a creative way to enhance their business,” said Arnett, owner of Professional Dynamics LLC. “This promotes self-care by preventing burnout and maintaining resiliency for the art they practice.”

Speakers also will help healers with their businesses by giving them creative tools and a process to help their business stand out in the mainstream of holistic and conventional practitioners. A local healer will discuss her journey to Alzheimer’s and back to health. A nationally known Agape International practitioner, Ester Nicholson, will focus on embodying the self-care techniques given regularly to clients.

Participants will “Enter the Stillness” during the last day of the symposium by looking at the “Essence of Minnesota: A Geological Perspective for the Healer” and meditating in a thought-filled way. Food, live music and networking with other healers are all part of this transforming experience.

For more information or to register, call 612.599.6288, email [email protected] or visit www.solutionsforyoukrsmile.com. $25 discount if you respond by reading The Edge.


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