Kabbalah for Kids: The Parent’s Guide to a Productive Week


sun_riseIn the nursery rhyme that begins “Monday’s Child,” each day is associated with a trait or feeling. Many of us remember it from our childhood, and some even recite it with our own children today. But if you’re like me, you probably never considered where the poem originated or thought to question its underlying premise. Only as an adult did I begin to believe that the days of the week really do correspond to certain qualities, or energies, and that we can use this knowledge to improve our day-to-day lives.

I began studying Naam Yoga in 2006. Developed by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Naam Yoga is a spiritual science that merges Eastern yogic practice with the esoteric teachings of Universal Kabbalah. Many people associate Kabbalah with celebrities or think it’s a passing fad, but in reality it’s a very old belief system focused on understanding and working within laws of nature and rhythms and patterns in life. According to one Kabbalistic principle, the seven planets of the sky exert a physical influence on earth, as well as on our minds, in a periodic succession equivalent to the days of the week.

By studying this pattern, we can determine what to do (and what to avoid) to increase our chances of success, health and happiness. I find children to be especially receptive to this idea. Here I’ve provided a “cheat sheet” with the days of the week, each day’s corresponding planet, and some brief tips to align yourself and your children with the energy of each day:

Sunday is associated with the Sun, which creates life on earth. This is a great day to start (or “create”) something new! It is the perfect time to unleash your creativity and begin a new arts and crafts project. Consider building a family tree together!

Monday is linked to the Moon: The Moon rules over our dreams and imagination. You may find yourself feeling more sensitive on Mondays; encourage your child to share a story to get them talking. It is a great day to share your dreams, your feelings, your toys, and even your cookies with others.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, a fiery planet that gives us extra energy to help accomplish our goals and complete daily tasks. It is a great day for sports and physical activity. But be aware of your reaction to any blocks in the road — you may be quick to jump to anger. Play a pick-up game outside or take the dog for a long walk.

Wednesday follows Mercury. Because Mercury is the fastest planet to revolve around the earth, Wednesday is a good day for travel. It is also a great day for learning and discovering something new. Encourage your children to explore a topic that interests them. Focus on communication and speak your words clearly. It’s also important to relax at the end of the day.

Thursday is associated with Jupiter, which is the largest, most expansive planet. Expand your horizons by going on a trip or learning about a different culture. It may be fun to cook a recipe or meal from another country. It is also the best day to help others by volunteering or simply helping family, friends or neighbors. Encourage your children to check off a chore or two before going to bed.

Friday is linked to Venus — the goddess and planet of love. Most people love Fridays, and there is a good reason for it! Friday is ruled by beauty, arts, music and relationships with others. Wash your hair, paint your nails, and wear your favorite clothes! It is also a great day to have fun and play in nature. Remember to appreciate all of the wonderful people in your life today.

Saturday ends the week with Saturn. At the end of your week, take some time to rest and reflect. It’s not a great time to start anything new, but rather the time to review lessons and accomplishments from the past several days. It’s also a great day to clean your room and plan out the next week ahead.

Ancient civilizations named the days of the week after paying close attention to the rhythms of nature. They believed that completing the right task at the right time would result in the greatest outcome. In modern times, scientists have found that these rhythms are very real and that they impact our body and mind.

Becoming aware of energies associated with each day allows you to prepare for what life has to offer, just like bringing sunscreen to the beach or an umbrella when the forecast calls for rain. In my own life, I’ve noticed that days seem to go smoother and life seems brighter, even a bit more magical, when I keep this principle in mind.

Above all, always remember — and remind loved ones — that no matter what day it is, each new day gives us a chance to be grateful for and excited about all of the opportunities that life brings.

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