Amanae Workshop offers Profound Healing, Personal Discovery


flowers_roseA RESIDENTIAL SIX-DAY Amanae Workshop will take place November 11-16 at the Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance Center of Minneapolis, located at 2324 37th St. E. Amanae is a profound life-changing bodywork channeled in by Christine Day over twenty years ago. Christine and Pat Burdy founded the School of Amanae in the 1990s.

Amanae is a heart-based bodywork technique designed to facilitate the release of deeply held emotions and clear the way for profound healing and personal discovery. The technique is based on the activation and opening of points or ‘doorways’ throughout the body. The body holds lifetimes of unexpressed fear, grief, anger, shame, guilt, and even love and joy. In a 6-Day Workshop all of the doorways are opened. By bringing breath and awareness to these places where stuck emotions are held, by saying “YES” in these places, we can release what is held there and create space to live life more fully in the body and lead from the heart.

Today Amanae continues to grow nationally and internationally due to the dedication and love of a team of experienced teachers and practitioners.

Call Pat Burdy at 612.345.6044 for more information and visit for additional information.

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