My Life with Cats


I have had cats my whole life. I have been very lucky to have had kitties who lived very long lives.

About 18 months ago, I had to cross over my two very special cats, Max and Minnie. They were 18 and 19 years old, respectively, and it was their time. Minnie was the first to leave — she had a stroke and could not move. I was very lucky to find a vet who came to the house to help her cross over. And I was able to let Max witness this so he would understand why she wasn’t around anymore.

At the time of the injection, Max looked at me and I heard very clearly, “Not me, too?!” I assured him it wasn’t his time yet. He was able to be with me for another three months.

My Max Cat was very special. He would help me do readings. If there was a message for a client’s animals, he would come and sit on my lap and bug me until I started talking about the client’s animals. When the message had been relayed, he would then leave. These messages were not just for cats, but all kinds of animals — dogs, cats, horses, even goats.

So when he died, I felt like I had lost a “reading” partner.

I adopted two new young cats — both six months old — last June. They are identical siblings; I call them twins. They have brought new life into my house with all of their energy. Their names are Rolls and Royce. Rolls has the attention span of a flea — he does not sit still for 30 seconds. So imagine my surprise when during a phone reading he came and sat down by me and did not leave until I talked with the client about her animals. Then he was off running again.

Now during phone readings, either Royce or Rolls, or sometimes both, will come and sit with me if there are messages for the client’s animals. Thanks, Max Cat, for sending your gifts to my two new kitties!

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Judie Randall is one-third of the group known as Psychics in the Cities. She is honored to be gifted in psychic readings, mediumship, soul retrievals, power animal retrievals, and energy/spiritual healing. Along with her compassion and intuitiveness, Judie incorporates her extensive knowledge and finely honed skills in the healing arts into her practice, being sensitive to the client's individual comfort levels throughout the process. Her mission is to help people reach a greater understanding of themselves and their soul's journey. Judie's warm smile, sense of humor and infectious laugh help put clients at ease. Contact Judie at 612.860.9196 or visit


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