Spirit Animal Message for the New Year: Whale Wisdom

whale spirit animal message
Whale watercolor painting by Ona Christie Martin ©2023

Water is Life. The water of this planet is its lifeblood and its amniotic fluid. Water is also an incredible carrier of electrical impulses. Therefore, Water is a very important part of the nervous system and communication system of the Earth.

The Whales are the Lords of Water and are able to receive and amplify or rebroadcast information (impulses) received from extraterrestrial sources. They are vital to Earth’s ability to communicate with her planetary brethren.

At this pivotal moment in the unfolding of Earth’s consciousness, the Whales have a message for those who will listen:

Whale Power Animal Message for the New Year:

“If you ask us to, we will relay your messages to those who are watching over you. If you ask us to, we will assist you in communicating with your star brethren.

We can work together. Oh human beings, when will you finally remember how to work together, how to sing together? Remember what it is like to harmonize before it is too late.

Speak to us. Think of us in your dreams. Bring us back into your awareness. We are the voice of the Water. We are the voice of Life.

You are allowed to grieve. Grieve now; let the tears flow. There has been much pain, much anguish on the surface of the world. We feel it; we feel it deeply.

Allow yourselves to feel. You must feel the pain to heal from it.

Ask us, and we will invite the healers in on your behalf. Ask us for our wisdom. You need only to ask. There is so much healing and love available to you, should you will yourself to receive it.”

Interpreting Whale’s Message:

Walking the healing path is an act of will. There will always be resistance to raising your vibration, both from within and from without.

At this time, the Whales are reminding us that we are not alone, nor were we meant to walk the healing path alone. We have incredible support in the spiritual realm, including angels, spirit animals, and star beings. However, we must ask for their help if we wish to receive it.

The Whales themselves offered several suggestions for how to work with them. Here are a few additional ways you might like to work with the Whales and the element of Water for healing and inner peace:

Blessing the Waters: Give blessings and love to any body of water with the intention of spreading these high vibrations throughout the world’s waterways to all beings on the Earth. A nice way to do this is to prepare a gift of flowers, herbs, ceremonial tobacco, and/or any other non-polluting items and release them into your favorite river, lake, pond, or ocean with a blessing or prayer. You can also sing or pray over the water. If you can’t get to a natural body of water, run some water from the tap or send blessings into a glass of water and pour it with ceremony on the earth.

Breath Work: Pranayama (breath work) practices that include breath retention (such as the Wim Hof method) can help you connect more deeply with Whale spirit. If you are new to breathing practice, it’s best to work with a qualified practitioner to ensure that you are doing it safely.

Whale Song Meditation: Search online for whale songs and play these during meditation. Set the intention for Whale Spirit to work with you during this time.

Going Deeper With Whale Spirit

For those who wish to connect more deeply with these magnificent spirit animals, the Whales offer this additional transmission. See where it takes you:

“To master the breath is to master time.

Suspend the breath and, in this stillness, enter into eternity. A colossal understanding of the Universe exists for those willing to set aside timelines and enter into the space between.

Go deep, for in the depths are hidden the treasures of the sea. The ocean, the sacred water, every impulse is felt here.

Feel yourself suspended in the light of being. Allow your breath to flow in and out like waves.

Water, Wind, and Mind – a sacred Triad. The pulse of the universe sings to you in your sleep. I hear it and amplify the song, sending it through the deep to all corners of the world. The song of the stars sing I.”

Whale Spirit Animal Symbolism At-A-Glance:

Positive Whale Energy: Inner Wisdom, Cosmic Consciousness, Harmony, Unity, Compassion, Emotional Intelligence, Power of Music, Global Communication

Negative Whale Energy: Suppressed Emotion, Persecution, Destructive Unconscious

Do you resonate with Whale’s message?

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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Ona Christie Martin
Ona Christie Martin is a visionary artist and lightworker who helps people heal through art and nature. Ona has a special connection with spirit animals and is the creator of the Spirit Animal Awareness Oracle. Visit her on YouTube @ArtOfAwakening, learn about Ona’s readings, art, and events at ArtOfAwakening.LIFE.


  1. I liked this message… without a doubt, we must be reminded that we share the same plant with these powerful and majestic creatures . I’m sure they have all sorts of abilities and hold tremendous power and magic!

    Good reminder to those who don’t live near the oceans of the world!


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