Journey into the Mystic


It is time to begin your journey into the mystic, a journey that will give you understanding of your place in the universes, the realms, the dimensions that surround our world. It is a journey that will lead to your destiny.

How can this journey begin? The start of this journey begins when you meet the guides and angels who are working for and with you. By connecting with your guides and angels on a daily basis, you will be able to converse with them and gain the guidance available to you through their wisdom. They know your path and your destiny. They make it easier to stay on track, making your life much more complete and less stressful.

Through this Journey into the mystic, you can experience the power of your angels in your daily life.

When you take this journey into the mystic, you elevate to a higher level of consciousness through the knowledge, wisdom and love that you receive. It is a continual search for truth and knowledge of self, the world, the universes, and the Divine connection that is in all. By knowing these truths, it gives you the ability to feel the “I Am” of your existence.

Through a total connection to spirit, by way of Divine Reiki, you are given the ability to absorb this knowledge. The knowledge that Divine Reiki classes impart to you raises your level of understanding, your connection to spirit, angels, guides and the Creator of all.

Reiki has always been known as a healing gift that works with your energy and the energy around you. With Divine Reiki, the Divine energy of spirit is added. It is the time of Aquarius, the age of spirit. My daughter and I are guided by our angels to incorporate the knowledge of the Divine with the Reiki training, which enables you to heal body, mind and spirit for yourself and others.

Divine Reiki classes teach you how to remove the negative emotions that you have stored away. Emotions play a big part in blocking the healing process, causing illness to manifest. You will learn about canceling contracts and breaking the karmic wheel. All play a part in freeing you from the lower energies that can be draining in your lifestyle, lower energies that prevent you from attaining your goals and leading a balanced life.

Divine Reiki classes also explain consciousness evolution and help you increase yours. Why is this important? Consciousness is a healing of all things, for it affects you, those around you, the earth, and the universe. It is the positive vibration of love and understanding that is necessary in the world today.

It can be measured and, in fact, it is by Heart Math Institute on a global scale. The consciousness level dropped to a very low point after 9/11 happened, due to the increase of fear and anger around the world. Fear is a commodity today. It sells products, news and weapons, and it causes paranoia and illnesses. Many live their lives based on fear, which is reinforced by society.

Fear can escalate without one’s awareness, becoming a big part of the decisions made in all areas of life. Learning to recognize and release fears is part of the releasing of negative emotions. This enables you to make decisions based on the wisdom and knowledge of your relationship to those around you and your Divine connection. This is how your consciousness vibration evolves; fear no longer rules your life.

Are you ready to let go of those fears and negative emotions?

Discover your Journey into the Mystic, the connection to your angels, the search for the Universal Truth through Divine Reiki classes. Dagney Kvamme and her daughter work as a team presenting the Divine Reiki classes. They maintain a class of 4-6 people, and class time is 5-6 hours in length. Classes are to be taken in succession and more information about the classes are available at

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Dagney Kvamme Walters
Dagney Kvamme Walters is connected to Archangel Metatron. She is the podcast host of “The Edge presents Angels – Messengers of Light,” and she offers Angel messages and writes guided articles. She is a spiritual mentor, and a Healing in Spirit healer and educator at


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