The Wisdom of an Open Heart…is the New Brain


We have all seen the extreme paradigms that the human ego has played out on this planet. The last centuries of our mythology are loaded with considerable human suffering. And the common human paradigm, for the majority of humans, is that of survival and endurance.

But there is another story unfolding at the same time. A story that is blossoming right now. A vision of what Earth could be…as dreamt by our ancestors.

There is a new generation of souls who have come here just for this awakening. And they are all discovering a new way of living life…a way of coaxing their own ego into new considerations. Showing their ego the immense value in following the vision of their soul. And teaching their ego not to be afraid of having a powerful and passionate heart…understanding that the wisdom of the heart is where the wake of grace is found.

The wake of grace…where we are not accumulating any incongruencies along the way, because all decisions and actions are in perfect alignment with the intentions of our heart and soul. Where our egos have quit trying to control and manage the external elements within our daily life interactions. Where the ego has learned how to just be still, and to wait for the next inspiration of the moment. To not need to validate it, or vet it. But rather, to understand that if our heart and soul had an intention, that there was a way to actually fulfill it.

Our egos do need to be careful with our livelihood, ensuring that all of our decisions and actions would not break our source of support, and that the choices we make and the actions we take have a way to support us. That we can pay the bills and sustain our livelihood. We might get a vision of writing a play for Broadway, yet the actual timing of it might be several decades out…so don’t sell everything today and drive off into the unknown.

There is, I must say, a curious thing that happens when you get good at following your heart and soul. It is as if you get a new brain installed. For instance, in the past, your ego was quite vested in keeping you in a known pattern of choices and actions that ensured there would be no big changes in the overall direction of your life. Where, when new inspirations would show up, we would quickly focus on them and start analyzing them, and picking them apart, with our critical mind. “You can’t write a Broadway play. Who are you to think your play would ever be accepted?” Where your ego is reacting out of fear. Afraid of what might be. A too-good-to-be-true attitude.

The new paradigm of the new brain, however, has us immediately taking notes when we receive new inspiration that we know is from our heart and soul. An example would be leaving post-it notes around your dwelling that serve as reminders and handy reference tools, that capture these many points of inspiration. And when you get an inspired thought that you know is not coming from the current stream of your ego’s monologue, but is instead surfacing from your heart and soul, then you stop right there, and write it down verbatim.

The real changes start to show up after several months of doing this, where we have a collage of notes that we have taken. A new stream of considerations for us to honor…if we so choose. And once we start honoring them with our intentions and actions, our life does take a new direction and, thus, a new destination. Where our life-purpose is not only actually fulfilled, but fulfilled in such a way that we are living the life that we absolutely love. Where we have been able to recognize that our own internal, authentic desires, are the doorways that lead to our own experiences of Heaven on Earth.

We all have seen the reports of Hell on Earth. There are countless news stories of many different kinds of human suffering. Hell is experienced every day on planet Earth. At least, it used to be. But in the same sense that hell is available to be experienced on Earth today, so too is heaven. Heaven on Earth was intended to be experienced every single day. The one we actually experience, heaven or hell, is a reflection of the wake of our choices made from our immediate and distant past. And it is a reflection of what we have done to shape that story into a more congruent expression of our own authentic self.

Your soul knows where heaven exists in this day. Your heart has the passionate potential to bring it about. But if that actually happens, it can be contingent upon which mind is driving the boat. Your ego mind, or the new brain…the new brain…experienced as the in-the-moment inspiration of your heart. The wisdom of your heart has the vector. It is the direction in which your intentions and actions can take you, in this moment, to start moving you toward the direction of Heaven on Earth…today.

When enough new humans start living from the wisdom of their hearts, a new collective current is created that starts to influence the whole of humanity. A new collective intention of fulfilling the lives we came here to fulfill. And we have gotten good at trusting our own inner self, that higher consciousness, that feeds its directions, as inspiration, to the waiting ego…which then fulfills it and brings it into fruition. As that new collective intention grows, the future of humanity shifts. More and more people start to find the Heaven within themselves. A place of unconditional Love…for all that is…as it is…right now.

So, what has your heart been showing you? Have you captured the inspiration, and written it down? Have you given it your consideration recently? When you start living from your “new brain,” then your own personal heaven can start to show up in new timelines of your future.

The wisdom of an open heart…is the new brain!

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Les Jensen is an author, radio host, speaker, energy master and visionary, committed to promoting personal empowerment and his life-purpose of being of service to others. In that vein, Les created New Human Living in 2009, and also hosts New Human Living Radio, sharing insightful conversations with guests who are shaping the future of human consciousness. Les' latest book, "Forgiven Sinner: God's Last Savior" was published by Balboa Press in July 2018. His other books include "Citizen King: The New Age of Power" and "Personal Power Fundamentals." To learn more visit his websites at and


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