Don’t Just Breathe, Remember Why You are Doing it


The baby that draws his or her first breath is thus alive and now a resident of the dimension visited. It is not without breath that life survives. It is not without breathing that one continues to live. “Yes, yes,” you will say, “We know all that!” We are, after all breathers, even though we are too often prone to do it unconsciously and without deliberation.

With the first breath, life begins. As life begins, purpose begins and projects itself into the mind of the breather.

With every breath you purposefully take, it is you who can make the choice to rise above mediocrity.

Consciously aware breathers are intentionally engaged in a gear that perpetually moves them forward with purpose towards a goal they are ever conscious of, even if it is not totally clear what the goal is at times.

In taking the wheel and looking ahead, conscious breathing is being aware of the breath inhaled, being aware of wind exhaled and doing so with purpose, oftentimes with force. Conscious breathing is doing so while contemplating that the life that is inhaled and the waste that is exhaled is the life to another and the planet as a whole. Life is breathing and breathing is life — specifically, knowing and remembering that the very act of surviving by breathing is beyond explanation, and its capability to sustain life is beyond our comprehension when one tries to explain the source and design of air.

Breathing is simple! Breathing consciously, on the other hand, requires awe and acceptance that the forces that sustain us are so simply complex that we cannot yet fully comprehend them. Who decided that simple breathing would fuel our every cell and enable us to live? Conscious acknowledgement of creation and life in all its inexplicable wonder grants that every breath will move your consciousness into a deeper, yet higher, realm of awareness.

As you breathe, consider this fact and try to understand it: It only requires an impulse to raise your arm high in the air. Now, consider how that can be possible given the intricacies of anatomy of an arm, the blood flow, the nerve pulse, the muscle contraction and so forth. Yes, you are a miracle. The one who breathes consciously accepts miracles and, thus, accepts the Self as a miracle, as one and the same.

Conscious breathing is breathing while being aware that if you stopped breathing you would not cease to exist. Conscious breathing is done in a manner that delivers the truth to you that each breath is connected to a huge vacuum in the atmosphere that provides the air you breathe. Conscious breathing is connecting to the Collective Consciousness that is the ultimate connection to the breath that is us, each and every one of us.

To breathe consciously is:
• To be aware that it is not merely life that is important when compared to what wonders may transpire when we stop breathing.

• Being consciously aware of the ability to choose the direction your energy moves is to know, breathing or not breathing, every breath is leading us somewhere and every exhalation propels us closer to that destination.

• Consciousness grants that we are the pilot in control of the course we travel.

With every breath, then, we must believe we are filled with purpose and with every breath we breathe, determined to find our highest self. Conscious breathing is done with purpose and deliberation until it, too, like autonomic breathing, becomes unconscious and breathing deliberately is not necessary. Thus, living with purpose becomes so automatic that it no longer requires thinking about it. Purpose thus becomes being.

We seek what is in our heart with fervor as it is often viewed at the Seat of the Soul and from where loving energy exudes. But consciousness is mindful, and thought is the True Essence of the Soul that is eternal. While you breathe, think about it!


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