A Tribute to Jean Wallis


The first time I met Jean Wallis — alchemist, healer, psychic, meditation teacher — in her eclectic home on Harriet Avenue in South Minneapolis, she introduced me to her large black cat Merlin and her equally black but much more outgoing and kissy dog Magick — and I knew this was a friend for keeps.

Our shared love for animals was just the beginning of a 20+ year friendship that eventually resulted in me hiring her to transcribe my interviews, because I didn’t like spending hours upon hours typing and listening and moving the recording back with my computer mouse to listen to it again and having to repeat the same process for way too long, and Jean was a medical transcriptionist with fancy foot pedals that easily moved the audio recording forward and backward and she could type it all up in less than half the time I could. She always said she received valuable insights as she listened in on my conversations with notable men and women designated for The Edge interview in the upcoming issue. When she emailed each completed transcript, she always signed it with the anagram Anje. When I told her I was stepping away from The Edge after 25 years, she sent me her final transcription and I was sad when she said it would be her final sign off as Anje.

She was a teacher at heart, sharing insight with us on Emotional Empowerment, Universal Energy and Psychic Development, Exploring our Body, Mind and Spirit. She so loved her Edge Talk Radio podcast, “Psychic Buffet at The Edge,” in which she presented an appetizer, entrée, side dish and dessert, all spiritual food for thought to nourish our soul.

The day before Thanksgiving, we spoke for about an hour about her radio show, about how relieved she was to be finished with all of her transcription work, about how her remaining cat now sat on her lap now that her elderly girl cat Baby had passed away. She reminded me to give her love to my wife Rachel, whom she adored, and her final words to me were, “I love you, Tim.”

The day after Thanksgiving, sometime in the late afternoon, I was just browsing Facebook on my cellphone when my heart stopped. Vonne Johnson posted a simple message that Jean had passed away on Thanksgiving. I walked over to my wife and showed her the message on my phone. We just looked at each other, and we were speechless most of that evening.

Jean was one of the most loving and, simultaneously, most direct person I have ever known. She spoke her mind, with respect. Her Kwan Yin healings that she conducted in the upper level of her former home on Harriet Avenue were transformative. It was there that I was introduced to the work of Bob Fickes and his CD Mantras for Healing, and then I turned to Jean to first teach me his Fulfillment Meditation, and a couple years ago she initiated my wife and me with his Eternal Love Meditation.

There are no words to express my grief with her passing — and also my absolute joy knowing she is with the Creator and is blissed out beyond belief. She’s also reunited with Merlin and Magick and Baby — and could anything be better?

Her obituary

With much sadness we announce the passing of Jean M. Wallis, a great lady, generous friend, mentor, and spiritual teacher, on Thanksgiving Day 2020. Jean worked for almost 20 years as a psychiatric nurse and was a founder of the Jonathan Group Home for Boys. In order to (in her words) “be with one of my first loves, chocolate,” Jean went to work next at Dayton’s, starting in the confectionery and ending up as their Coordinator of Consumer Relations. She then started her own business, specializing in spiritual solutions for business applications, and giving presentations at conferences. Jean was a medical transcriptionist for many years. Unlimited in spirit, Jean became an energy healer and hypnotherapist, psychic, ordained officiating minister, and meditation teacher, studying Fulfillment Meditation in Thailand. Jean continued to speak at various venues, wrote articles, transcribed interviews and made podcasts for The Edge, and wrote a book called, Money is like a Cat. She taught courses in Emotional Empowerment, Universal Energy & Psychic Development, Exploring our Body, Mind, & Spirit, Eternal Love Meditation, and Kwan Yin Healing. Jean was preceded in death by her parents, Robert and Eva Paulson, and aunts and uncles. She was survived by her beloved son, Joel Olson, and by many friends. She will be greatly missed. A private graveside interment of Jean’s ashes will take place at 2 p.m. Wednesday, December 9, at Crystal Lake Cemetery, 3816 Penn Ave. N., Minneapolis. A further celebration of Jean’s life will be held in the summer. Memorials to donor’s choice or Pet Haven.

The following are tributes to Jean that I collected from friends over the past few days. At the end, I include links to every “Psychic Buffet at The Edge” podcast she recorded so you too can get to know Jean if you never met her.

Our Dear Friend, Jean, by Bob Fickes

Jean Wallis shared her Light and her love generously with thousands of souls. Like any guardian angel, she was always there when you needed her. Now she is sitting side by side with the Masters of High Council and continues to offer her assistance when we need her.

I offer my love to her as I have always done and appreciate her now more than ever for all the wonderful ways she shared her insight and her love with me and my work. Like any Sister of Light she will remain in my heart always alive and always present for Eternity!

You retired into the Light on Thanksgiving and now we, your community of Lightworkers give our thanksgiving to you.

With so much Love and Light and Blissings, Bob

Memories of Jean, by Vonne Johnson

Jean and I are both veterans of many psychic fairs, classes and events. My first girl chat with cups of coffee was at her beautiful Victorian home. She had a dog and cat(s) that I enjoyed interacting with. I would pick her up to participate in Echo’s Aurapalooza or Maria Shaw’s events. We always tried to sit next to each other because we made each other smile. She was a gifted teacher, psychic and medium. We shared lots of stories and both loved our time together.

When she moved to her Lyndale Avenue apartment, I picked her up and we went to Bachmans across the street. Lunch among the plants in the winter lifted our spirits. Her apartment was easy to see. Her screened-in porch was filled with cat happiness gear and occasionally a cat or two.

She was a retired nurse. She worked for Dayton’s downtown in their office and got them started on being handicapped accessible. She is an Angel with wings big enough to cover the planet.

Her passing is such a loss for me. She was a teacher/mentor for many. I still look at her screened porch hoping to see her or the cat to honk hello. I may randomly honk to honor this great woman. Love you Jean.

My friend Jean, by Maria Shaw

I was saddened to learn of the passing of our dear reader and friend Jean.

Jean has been a part of our spiritual group for many years and will be missed. She was a speaker on my annual enlightenment cruises and for many years, a regular reader at our psychic fairs, traveling to shows out of state as well as Minnesota. She loved to sparkle and that she did! She was glitz and glamour, always fashionable with bright colors and glistening crystals and jewels. She had such a passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge. Despite some health issues the past few years, she managed to keep in touch by email or social media, always signing off with her signature “Blissings, Jean”

So today I write joyfully for her journey home but saddened for our spiritual community’s loss. “Blissings” to you, dear friend, and much gratitude for your service to so many of those you’ve touched in your lifetime! The world is a better place because of you!

Woman of Wisdom…Jean Wallis, by Shirley Moore

In Awe of your unique perspective on life
In Appreciation for sharing insights with me
In Gratitude for how you touched my life

I had a long conversation with Jean days before she embarked on her latest adventure. Having just retired from her medical transcription responsibilities, she was looking forward to continuing her radio show in 2021. But most exciting of all, when we spoke, was her extravagant acquisition of a “glammed up” motorized scooter with all the bells and whistles. She emphasized the fact that it could turn on a dime. This, she declared, would be giving her freedom to get into and out of tight spaces. I’m not sure about her future plans for that but, knowing Jean, I’m sure they were grand.

We made plans to lunch at Bachmann’s on Lyndale in the spring when the weather was suitable for her to “scoot” over there and meet me. The conversation held such a great sense of excitement, independence and liberation. Little did we know that her liberation was going to encompass far beyond what either of us was thinking at the moment. Now Jean has her wings and her scope is limitless.

From ancient times, Jean and I share past lives and a great heritage and affinity for Buddhist traditions. In this life we connected on many levels. Upon reflection, I invariably realized that my conversations with Jean provided insights to thorny issues I didn’t even know I was seeking.

This year Jean agreed to edit some of my writings. During that process we came to know and appreciate each other even more. We talked about the frequency and vibration of words and how precise words, used correctly, could have tremendous impact. I chuckle as I write this and remember our emails, conversations and deliberations over the right words to use.

I asked Jean to come in and help me write this. After all, who could relate better than her to what I was writing — but she demurred. However, she did agree to assist me when I needed the appropriate word. Perhaps you can spot her influence above.

Many blissings to you, my friend. I see you leaving a trail of laughter, joy and love as you scoot around space. I know you are only a breath away, and so I breathe deeply and often. Namasté.

“Psychic Buffet at The Edge” by Jean Wallis

Get to know Jean Wallis through her collection of Edge Talk Radio podcasts. Each month she served up the Psychic Buffet at the Edge Radio Café — presenting an appetizer, entrée, side dish and dessert, all spiritual food for thought to nourish your soul. She taught an array of topics designed to enhance your spiritual and personal growth, and with a sense of humor, enlighten your day.

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