Synchronicity and Coincidence?


Synchronicity was the term coined by Carl Jung for what he called “meaningful coincidences”.

This wonderful story is about Pete Newton who was out for a drive in his vintage 1951 Bentley saloon when on a lonely country lane, for the first time after 180,000 miles the car broke down. Pete who is well known at English festivals where he travels with his 100 year old gypsy wagon was flummoxed.

The car was towed to the local garage where mechanics diagnosed a broken rotor arm, which supplies the spark to the distributor.

The mechanics explained, the break in the rotor arm was probably due to the road humps, called sleeping policemen and these, along with deep potholes, cause a lot of damage to road traffic. No one knew where a part could be obtained for a vintage Bentley, then amazingly a mechanic flagged down a passing AA van and the mechanic joked to the van driver, “You don’t have a rotor arm for a 1951 Bentley on board do you mate?”

Incredibly he did have one on board for a car made over 30 years before he was born and within minutes the car was back on the road.

Pete said it’s the sort of thing i am used to.

Psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961) believed there as no such thing as coincidence and that at some level all things are linked. Students of occultism and Jung was one, use everyday events and objects as signposts to information outside of the normal range of perception.

Schopenhauer said “coincidence is the simultaneous occurrence of causally unconnected events.” In the East is a saying that “Synchronicity is a Godcidence, a coincidence with god as God is the originator”. When we see the will of God and we live with it, we experience life’s truth from the grand master.

Although several modern psychology schools pooh-hooh such things as Connected causality primitive man was much more connected to his intuition and feelings, and man was so much more in contact with his surroundings, and used it to good effect.


This is the term for explaining away that there is nothing but random circumstances at work, and to suggest so perhaps shows a superstitious mentality, skepticism is a well known mental disease if taken too far.

Some experts say that creativity and psychosis are linked, and dismiss the three primary categories of Synchronicity as developed by Carl Jung, and now used in every single school for psychic development.


Nowhere is this more visible that in the science of Augery, where Biblical prophets would read from the flight of birds. Crows, magpies and similar would be seen as birds of ill omen.

The Prophet would section off a piece of sky to be read, by holding his arms straight out and waiting and meditating until birds flew through this area.

In Rome the Latin name for this section was “Templum” from where we derive the term Template, and when worship moved into fixed buildings they became known as Temples.

Before a battle only the elected seer was allowed to predict the outcome and from the Latin terms Avis (bird) and speciosee, we get the word Auspicious. Any seers victory was said to have occurred “under the auspices of the General”.

I have often demonstrated how this technique was used in medieval palmistry, and its application to modern psychology, synchronicity is seen many times in the lives of those whose hands i read.

Today Syncronicity is around us all the time, in the three realms of Mind Body and Spirit, in fact every part of our lives, we must doubly sure we take the time to recognize it and absorb its meanings.


T Stokes “Happy Palmistry”

Whole lives read from emailed hand photos.
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T. Stokes
T. Stokes, Holistic Palmist, has many years of study under such masters as Mir bashir, Cyrus Abayakoon Chun Li PO and David Brandon Jones, and healing masters Harry Edwards, and Abe Solomons, and psychologists Henry Rey Joyce Mc Dougall and Hans Eysenck have given him a deep understanding of the human condition. He was a lecturer in paraspiritual studies, metaphysics, and eschatology. He writes for magazines worldwide and is author of "50 CASE STUDIES IN MODERN PALMISTRY."


  1. I really like “Godcidence”; very powerful complete description. I have always like synchronicity over coincidence but godcidence feels so right. This is the great connection with the divine.


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