Every Home Needs an ECO-MENTOR


Every home and community needs an Eco-Mentor. Do you possess the desires, qualities and aspirations of one?

It goes without saying that today’s world is changing fast. And some of the changes that are taking place within it (you might agree), are impacting our personal and planetary health in extremely detrimental ways. Have you contemplated how you might navigate the path ahead in the 21st century, so that you, your family members, and friends, will feel well equipped to preserve your health and sanity? I have. And I believe that the prospect of preserving what is precious to us will depend largely on the number of Eco-Mentors that are present within our homes and communities.

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Are You an Eco-Mentor? (Take the Quiz!)

Exploring the Desires that I Believe Eco-Mentors Possess

An Eco-Mentor has the desire to…

…heal the condition known as environmental illness, which is impacting the health of both humans and the earth, and causing countless people and living things to suffer unnecessarily.

…see beyond the pain that is being exhibited by people all around the world today, because they know in their hearts that this pain is an invitation to “wake up” and use our imperfect circumstances to create a new and better reality.

…create a life that respects and honors their authentic human needs, versus their socially conditioned wants.

…reverse the cultural sickness known as “Affluenza”, which results from humanity’s decision to place greater importance on its “wants” than its true “needs.”

…be in a healthy relationship with the natural world around them, rather than be a distant observer of it. They understand that being in a relationship with life, is the key to health and happiness.

…adopt new worldviews, new education paradigms, new health care paradigms, and new forms of commerce that support the ecological needs of all people and living things.

…participate in educational reforms. They realize that the educational systems of the past don’t work for present day learners. They are opposed to the presence in our nation’s schools, of corporations whose economic interests are negatively influencing our children’s health and well-being.

…bring heart and soul into the educational lives of young people.

…support the health of their family and community by demonstrating healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits that support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

…adopt clean, green lifestyle habits that support wellness in their bodies and the earth. They are interested in learning how to use whole foods nutrition as a form of medicine for healing the body, and learning how to use organic agriculture as a form of medicine for regenerating the earth.

…utilize nature’s wisdom for living well, and explore nature’s traditional, earth-sourced medicines and other natural healing modalities that have been used for centuries to maintain health.

Exploring the Qualities that I Believe Eco-Mentors Possess

An Eco-Mentor possesses the quality of…

…awareness. They recognize that our environmental problems on earth today have been building for at least a century, and it will take time to understand and correct the attitudes and beliefs that have played a role in creating them.

…forgiveness. They realize that it doesn’t do any good to form harsh judgements about the situation we find ourselves in, because judgments keep us stuck in denial and self-punishment mode.

…courage. They are not afraid to explore the wounded (shadow aspects) of humanity, nor are they afraid to explore humanity’s highest spiritual potential.

…harmony. They recognize that when problems occur in our lives and in the world, they are often a direct reflection of imbalances in our ways of thinking and doing things.

…kindness and compassion. They realize that no personal or planetary problem can ever be solved without these qualities.

…feminine energy. They recognize that the divine feminine has within it, everything needed for the preservation of life. It is the energy of being, sensing, feeling, cooperating, nurturing, and having empathy for all people and living things.

…knowing that they were born to use their own life journey (a journey of healing) as a catalyst for planetary healing. They know that they are here at this time on earth, to share the gift of nurturance.

Exploring the Aspirations that I Believe Eco-Mentors Possess

An Eco-Mentor aspires to…

…become part of a culture on earth that is responsive to true and lasting change.

…prepare themselves and others whose life and health they care about, to be prepared for life in today’s real world.

…share learning opportunities with young people that support them in “helping life to go on” for their generation and the next.

…teach others how they can nourish themselves and their relationship with life, and feed their soul’s higher purpose in that process.

…participate in a collective eco-education legacy that invites personal and planetary transformation.

…develop leadership skills that are rooted in their personal development.

…bring more love into the world. They realize that they have love within them, and that that this love has the power to transform and elevate their life and the lives of others.

…make the future better than the past, and believes in the idea that the “seeds of our actions” matter in this moment, no matter what the future outcome of planting them might be.

An Invitation

Now that you’ve learned about some of the desires, qualities, and aspirations of an Eco-Mentor, are you open to becoming one? “Becoming” is a process of learning how to create the healthier experience of life that you, and all people long to see and experience! It’s a process that serves to honor and celebrate your sacred birthright! Parents, grandparents, teenagers, college students, artists, dreamers, community organizers, wellness educators, and social entrepreneurs, are invited to be Eco-Mentors!


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Candia Lea Cole
Candia Lea Cole is the founder of Eco-Learning Legacies. She creates educational tools that support individuals, families, and wellness educators in learning about (and teaching others about) how to create clean, green lifestyles that nourish wellness in their bodies, minds, spirits, and the earth. Her books, teaching infographics, video cooking classes, podcasts, and Eco-Mentor Leadership Trainings have invited praise from many global change-agents. To learn more, visit: www.ecointelligenteating.com


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