Connecting with Your Spirit Guides


What is a spirit guide?

Our spirit guides are simply souls like you and I that are not incarnated right now, that choose to help us while we are here on earth. From our perspective in the physical, we can only see what is right in front of us. We have a limited ability to see into the future and to predict the consequences of our actions. Spirit Guides have a different and higher perspective. As they reside in the astral realm, they can see the potential outcomes of our actions before we make them.

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Spirit guides are loving; they want us to succeed, and they have our best interest at heart. If you are getting information that is hateful, or harmful, rest assured it is not your guide.

What are the benefits of connecting with our spirit guides?

There are big benefits to connecting with our spirit guides. They offer their companionship – which helps us feel safe. They can help us make decisions – especially big ones – so we feel confident in the actions and choices we are making. Most importantly, they can help us realize that we are not alone and that we have a team that is always rooting for us, cheering for us, and guiding us. Our guides can be that light in the dark showing the way forward.

How do you connect with your spirit guides?

When starting out I recommend taking some time to quiet down and relax your mind and body before trying to connect. As you communicate more often, it will be easier to make the connection and with less preparation. Now I will walk you through a process on how to connect with one of your spirit guides.

First sit somewhere quiet. Take a few deep breaths. Take some time to feel into your body, dropping out of the mind. How does your body feel? Now take a few moments to scan around your body. How does the space around your body feel?

When you are ready, ask one of your spirit guides to step forward physically around you. Take your time as you sense where your guide is. Notice how the space around you feels different now that your guide is there.

Next, what does their presence feel like? Find out what other information you can sense about them. Are they short or tall? Male or female? What is their skin color? What kind of clothing are they wearing?

When you feel ready, ask your guide for a message. When you are asking for a message from your guide stay focused on where you feel them around you, that is your focal point as you receive their message. As you are focused on them, what thoughts do you hear from your guide? What feelings do you feel from your guide? What images do you see from your guide? If the message does not seem clear, ask your guide to elaborate. You can dialogue back and forth with your guides as you would with another person. When you are finished, thank your guide for their help.

If at first, you struggle with doubt and are not sure if you are doing this right. That is ok. Like any other skill, practice is needed to improve and to feel confident. With practice you can get better at communicating and navigating the nuances of what is and isn’t your guide. We all have room to grow, and bit by bit I am improving and so can you. The big takeaway I want to leave you with is that you – yes you – can connect with your spirit guides. It is possible and you already have the ability right now.


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Grahm Wibstad
Grahm Wibstad specializes in connecting with spirit guides and offers their loving support and wisdom in 1-on-1 sessions. Email [email protected] call or text 507-272-8149 and visit


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