Dealing with Change and Fear


We are racing towards a new world full of change. Energy is moving so quickly that the movement alone can physically make us feel dizzy, off balance, nauseous, emotionally whipped out, angry, or easily irritable – a sense of feeling off balance emotionally. 2023 will feel like a rollercoaster with big ups and downs. I challenge you to ask yourself, are emotions coming from inside myself or the energy surrounding me? Decide how you will work with change and fear. We are moving forward and never going back. Now is an exciting time to experience new things if you choose to look at the excitement of change. The other option is looking at change with fear.

I used to want my world to stay the same, to be comfortable, and to know all the things to come. I was trying to convince myself that I was happy to remain the same, but the truth was I was not. The change I felt was like a rug was pulled out from under me. I felt an intense sense of fear and unhappiness, causing me anxiety. Ultimately, the choice was mine. I had to choose to move into the unknown, sometimes into unsettling energy, and learn to trust myself, knowing I was creating a better life for myself and looking forward to the moment I was in. I was excited about the next surprise, whenever it may come.

Fear came when I felt like I needed to be in control of the situation I found myself in or when I felt a lack of control in my own life. I would then ask a critical question – what do we believe about ourselves and the world?

dealing with change and fear

We are unveiling a part of ourselves each day and lovingly exploring who we are. Your Soul is waiting to have a conversation with you. Have you ever talked out loud to yourself or in your head? If you have, this means you have already started a conversation with yourself. Have you been telling yourself you are worth it and have a lot to offer yourself, the people around you, and the world, or are you talking negatively about yourself?

Now is the time to change the narrative you are having with yourself. You are vital in bringing change for us all into being. We are stepping beyond fear. Knowing we are worthy of experiences that benefit us and connecting with one’s self on a different level. We need to acknowledge the support on the other side to help us move forward. We must all tap into the other side’s empathic feelings of support, excitement, and love. We must understand that we are the catalyst for change alongside our Soul, which can bring us the sense of wanting to do more in our lives, to create the life we want.

Concentrating on ourselves makes the changes we want in the world. However, we have been taught to put others first. The people teaching you this wanted their needs met first. Examine your interactions with people. Are you putting your needs second? Ask yourself why you think it’s right to put your needs below others – taking care of everyone else but yourself. Are you still hearing the words from others that you are not good enough, not measuring up, are not worth it, and are always doing things wrong? And the list goes on. We may overcompensate by helping others, looking for acceptance from a feeling of not being able to please the people who matter the most in our lives.

Is there drama happening around you? Are you playing into the cycle of drama or walking away? Do you need to be the one to fix it? Are you staying in the drama out of obligation to family, friends, or coworkers? Is your inner peace worth the effort to step out of any drama? Can leaving any drama give us time to draw in supportive people around you? Can you enjoy conversations and interactions with people that surround you? These are questions to ask yourself as you move forward.

Changes hold fear of losing people and things that have long been in our lives. These losses can manifest through family, friends, relationships, coworkers, jobs, and even physically moving to another location. Moving past relationships that don’t serve us can be difficult and fearful. Give yourself time to grieve, just as you mourn a physical death. Many of the emotions you go through with death are the same as releasing a relationship that doesn’t serve you. So be gentle with yourself.

Fortunately, we are not doing it alone. We have support from many realms, loved ones, angels, nature, and more. Connecting with ourselves and other domains helps us tap into feelings of unconditional love, support, and knowledge, helping us navigate our journeys. These connections create new possibilities. Each one of you holds immense personal power. Exploring your connections creates new opportunities for yourself, others, and the world. Our world is expanding to include others from other worlds and expanding our universe and theirs. We are not alone and never have been.

As we grow and expand, the animals around us are expanding energetically, experiencing changes in their behavior. They may be good, bad, excited, despondent, feeling off, or just plain different than normal. All of us, animals included, are experiencing personal expansion in this new energy.

Anything you pushed down because you didn’t want to deal with it will be bubbling to the surface for you to examine and then let go of. The supportive energy is here to help us release many old patterns and beliefs at a fast pace. Thankfully, it will take less time to release what doesn’t serve us than it took us to create the beliefs. So, there is no need to examine every little thing. When you release one aspect, many more will be released with it.

Each of us is creating change in us and our world. It’s time to envision the change in the world as already happening. We are creating a world of possibilities. There is nothing to fear and much to be excited about.

I invite you to enjoy and be excited about the new world we are creating and release the fear of change. I am.


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