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A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of Group Tarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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I am back from Convocation in Detroit, resting up as snow gently falls outside my window.

It was a bit of a trip, shifting from emotional support to my family, to being immersed in a new to me Pagan community, to coming back home. Detroit, is by no means a new community. Convocation is now the longest running Pagan convention in the US/Turtle Island, and Detroit has a long metaphysical lineage. It was simply new to me.

Transitioning from support cousin to participant, was helped by a tourist day in the city – the Motown Museum and Detroit Art Institute are marvelous! The Diego Rivera murals are as epic as I expected. Plus, reconnecting with a dear friend who I haven’t seen IRL in almost 20 years was luscious.

At the convention there were some familiar faces – Mary K. Greer was presenting and received a well deserved lifetime achievement award. For those of you in Portland, I hope you can come to the workshop performances of Rebels and Priestesses, April 3 & 4th at Readers Theatre Gresham – we’re not on the website. We’re a special addition. It’s a piece of adapting Mary’s book, Women of the Golden Dawn: Rebels and Priestesses into a performance piece and I am so excited about the work Shareen Jacobs, Megan Murphy Ruckman, Ki Ridenour-Starnes, and I are doing. We had rehearsal this afternoon and it was so nourishing.

At Convocation were also tons of new faces, one of whom, Enfys J. Book, will be joining me on YouTube at some point in the future to discuss their book Queer Qabala which I bought because I enjoyed their workshop so much. It’s in a very similar vein to Queering the Tarot and Queering Your Craft. Make sure to like and subscribe to know when I go live.

I am happy to say Jenna Matlin and I have rescheduled, so get ready for our conversation on Will You Give Me A Reading? and more, Wed. March 8, at 3pm Eastern/noon Pacific live on YouTube. If you can’t join live but have a question, let me know!


I was a guest on Being Curious. I didn’t tell anyone, as it happened while I was in Kalamazoo helping my family and there was a good chance it might be rescheduled. Do take a listen! I dropped some big news: I am co-hosting a Writers and Creatives Retreat in southern New Mexico Oct. 1-7, 2023. Y’all get early access. There is a hard limit of 10 participants, so if you’re ready to release your stresses to sink into your body, nature, and art, as a good guest on Chiricahua Apache and Tampachoa (Mansos) lands, we are for you!

AND! If you want to hear me chat more, I’m going to be a guest on Good Journey’s Tarot, March 12th, chatting with Rosemary about her upcoming deck which is fantastically trans inclusive. I am very excited about it.

Shifting to the cards!

Maybe it’s the trickster energy that has been a part of the convention.

Maybe it’s the fae wanting their voices heard more.

Maybe it’s the Sidhe wanting to be in the company of Djinn.

Maybe something else.

Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding is asking to share Card of the Week today and gives us:

justice card of the week

I lightly thought about integration back into the more mundane world. Which, I’m not going to lie, has been a rocky, sniffly transition; sometimes Justice demands healing work.

The glowing orange, red and yellow Sun on the left and the silvery grey crescent moon surrounded by a deep blue and purple night sky on the right are popping!

Initially, at the center was, I thought, scales.

The weighing metal hanging kind, not of a dragon’s skin kind.

Upon closer inspection, there is a Sidhe, balancing on the hilt of a sword that is point up, floating on a lake. The fae is acrobatic and in a perfect split, so their legs are the road between the Sun and Moon.

How are you going to be a pathway for others today?

How will you find healing balance between day and night? Radiating and resting?

How might you share your light, reflect or amplify important messages?

There are clouds behind the dancers’ outstretched legs at an X. It makes an interesting scissor effect, which is speaking to what needs to be cut away for Justice to prevail.

The X also marks the spot of their root center.

There’s also something in the dancer’s absolute precision. This may be a week to be extra precise with our words, work and intentions.

Also, this is a deck where Justice is Key 8 rather than Key 11, so the infinity in the Sun/Moon dance, and dancing Justice is strong.

When you work for Justice, practice to be able to maintain and find and re-find, fall/fail and do it again, that work is noticed and creates ripple effects – note how many of them spiral out from the sword’s point. It is ongoing work. As the Rev. Al Sharpton said recently on the Late Show, and I paraphrase, you’ve got to be in it for the long haul, because the work of Justice is long.

Oooooh…. the sword hilt has an eye on it… so the tools of Justice have their eye on us, whether we’re aware of it or not.

It’s also like the sword has wings that it’s using to help the inverted fae stay upright. The right tools want to help us in our work. So listen and notice what tools come to you or you are called to.

How does this tie into integration?

Balance, healing, and cycles.

Use helpful tools.

Balance how, when, and where you integrate different pieces or keys of yourself.

Be intentional about who you share what with, and what time of day you do so. If you’re not a morning person, respect that! If you do best going to bed early, do that!

Take time to be out in nature. To enjoy some mountains, lakes, night skies, sunny happy clouds – anyone here want to paint happy little clouds??

And for those of you who have a yoga practice, inversions and splits may be your friends at this time.

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