Octopus Spirit Animal Message for October 2023: Tides of Change

octopus spirit animal message
Octopus watercolor painting by Ona Christie Martin ©2023

This month’s message is from Octopus. With its funky face and eight wavy legs, the Octopus is more like a creature from another galaxy than something you’d expect to find on Earth. When it shows up as a spirit animal guide, expect something magical, mystical…or at least unexpected!

Octopus Power Animal Message for October 2023:

“In the vastness of the ocean, few things ever appear on the surface. All is not as it seems. This is your invitation to explore.”

“Enter the Hall of Mirrors. Feel into the depths. It is a world to itself down here. Discover, release, discard. Be open to changes of mind. Be open to changes of heart. Change your abode, if you so desire. Do you wish to deepen your understanding? Allow your perspective to shift and change, and your understanding will follow.”

Interpreting Octopus’s Message:

We are entering the gateway to the darkest time of year – an invitation to go within and sort things out. Octopus’s message suggests that this is a good month to explore the depths – of our own emotions and subconscious, perhaps. Or the collective unconscious. Or of the many stories and narratives coming at us through the channels of media and social media in this rapidly changing world.

The Octopus is a master of illusion. It can change the color and texture of its skin in a flash to blend in with its surroundings, reveal its mood and feelings, and/or make a statement.
But the Octopus doesn’t stop there. If it gets a fright, it squirts out a cloud of ink and zooms away. This ink cloud acts like a smokescreen, leaving its enemies baffled and giving it a clean getaway.

On the other hand, Octopus is known for having extraordinary eyesight. They might even see with their skin! Scientists have found genes in octopus skin that are usually only found in eye tissue.

This month, Octopus asks us to navigate confusion by seeking truth through curiosity. Are you willing to look at life in a different way? Perhaps from someone else’s shoes? Can you see through the smokescreens erected by yourself and others? What lies behind them? An agenda? Vulnerability? How will your deeper understanding of yourself, others, and the world change the way you think, feel, and act?

Mary Magdalene of the Sea painting
Mary Magdalene of the Sea acrylic painting by Ona Christie Martin ©2022

Octopus Spirit Animal Symbolism At-A-Glance:

When the Octopus comes swimming into your life as a power animal, here’s what it might be telling you:

  • Adaptability: Be as flexible as the Octopus.
  • Curiosity: Allow yourself to explore.
  • Magic and Mystery: Embrace the mystical.
  • Shapeshifting: Change with the tides.
  • Highly Developed Vision: Keep your eyes wide open, and look at things from more than one perspective.
  • Psychic Ability: Trust your instincts.
  • Deep Emotions: Dive into your feelings.
  • Connection Between Mind and Heart: Balance your intellect and emotions.
  • Protecting Yourself with Intelligence: Outsmart challenges; don’t just muscle through.

The Shadow Side of Octopus

Everything has a positive and a negative side. When a power animal shows up, it can sometimes point out things we don’t want to see. Here are some of the shadow aspects of Octopus:

  • Illusion
  • Confusion
  • Deception
  • Overly sensitive and/or empathetic
  • Unwilling to commit

Many of these characteristics boil down to not being in integrity. If you are not sure of who you are, now is the time to engage in some self-discovery. Once you’re aware of what is important to you, be willing to take a stand for it! And be aware that not everyone has your best interests in mind – even if they loudly proclaim that they do.

Going Deeper With Octopus Spirit Animal

Does Octopus’s message resonate with you? Here are a couple of ways you might enjoy exploring this energy in a deeper way:

  • Balance head and heart. Octopus is both highly sensitive and capable of reason. This month, notice when your emotions are high. Before you let them carry you away into actions you may regret, bring your logical mind in for final approval (or not!) Conversely, if you are the type to overthink things, why not give it a gut check instead? Don’t be surprised if it leads to something unexpectedly magical!
  • Get theatrical. What more fun way to explore illusion than with the dramatic arts? Why not head to the theater sometime this month, or treat yourself to a drama class? Or tap into your own creativity and write a screenplay or do some improv? Who knows—wrapping yourself in theatrical illusion may just be the ticket that lets you see through the curtain and allows you insight into perspectives you otherwise would never have seen.

Do you resonate with Octopus?

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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Ona Christie Martin
Ona Christie Martin is a visionary artist and lightworker who helps people heal through art and nature. Ona has a special connection with spirit animals and is the creator of the Spirit Animal Awareness Oracle. Visit her on YouTube @ArtOfAwakening, learn about Ona’s readings, art, and events at ArtOfAwakening.LIFE.


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