Gita Rash

Gita is the author of the “Low-fat Indian Cookbook”, “The Mahabharata Oracle” and the recently released “Dream Your Reality”. “Around the World” is scheduled for release soon. Gita is a regular contributor to several magazines and is a certified fitness instructor, actor, astrologer, and visual artist. She regularly holds workshops on topics such as intuitive development, dream interpretation and lectures frequently at International Divination Conferences. Gita is a psychic medium utilizing her knowledge of tarot, runes, numerology, palmistry, and Vedic astrology to guide people with questions on love, health, relationships, etc. Being an avid dreamer, she is also a dream coach and interpreter. She has been deeply tuned to all things esoteric from an early age. As the daughter of a proficient palmist, she has imbibed a deep knowledge and passion for the metaphysical realm. Receiving clairaudient messages as a child, she truly loves helping people find peace, success, and personal happiness.