Christmas has a secret meaning that is available for those of us who are experiencing the Kundalini and for those seeking stronger validation of spiritual practice and the energetic understandings of spiritual awakening through the Kundalini.

Christmas and its symbols and themes echo strong similarities with the Kundalini awakening. Kundalini is a Sanskrit term that describes the dormant evolutionary energy that lies at the base of the spine. Much of the Kundalini ancient symbolisms reach far back into and beyond our recorded history. They have direct relationship to shamanism and the Paleolithic age when tools of the human intellect had not yet replaced the tools of energetic spirituality.

These are with us here and now in our current celebrations of Christmas outside of organized religion. In many ways one can understand the idea of the celebration of Christmas and the spiritual significance of Christmas, and these will often have themes that represent high spiritual activities and hidden understandings that speak only through our ancestors and their gifts to us within our DNA.

The Christmas Tree
This would be exemplified by the symbol of the pine tree being ornamented with lights and other beautiful decorations, with many gifts being placed under and around it. When we look at the top of the Christmas tree, we often arrange to behold a beautiful star or an angel at the top. We notice that the tree is a conifer and is triangular in shape. We understand the triangular position of the meditation pose that people will often partake of as they are within the Kundalini experience. To have the star or the angel at the top of the tree, at the top of the pyramid, at the top of the triangle, is a clear indication of divine Kundalini participation within the enlightenment of humanity.

This tree can be understood within the Kundalini context as the tree of life which is internally experienced as the spinal column. At the base of this inner tree are the gifts of grace to be awakened (opened) and experienced. Those are the very same gifts waiting to be accessed by awakening or opening of Kundalini, which resides at the base of the spine in humanity.

The pine cone of the pine tree is a direct symbol of our inner pine cone that we call our pineal gland. This gland has the properties of what is commonly referred to as the “third eye.” It has the capacities, within the Kundalini energetic experience, to bring about certain qualities or “gifts” that can include the visual appreciation of phenomena not normally available to a person without the Kundalini awakening.

Visions of lights and sights of majestic grandeur and the interwoven dimensions of the non-physical planes of creation with the physical can be visually discerned. The pineal gland of the human being is actually shaped similar to a pine cone, hence the name “pine e all” or Pineal. Typically it is with the awakened or Kundalini-activated condition of the pineal gland that many experiences of the fantastic and the holy can be experienced.

One familiar denizen of that dimensional blend would be the little people. These, in contemporary understandings, are called elves. Our ancient ancestors could see them and interact in many ways with them. The Kundalini-enlightened pineal gland can allow for these experiences even now. But as it was then so is it now: there can be a need for a bit of assistance in bringing Kundalini into the activated state. Within the pine needles under the Christmas tree was and is a very specific helper. These helpers are the mushrooms that are red with white spots on the top and you see them typically under the Christmas tree.

This red mushroom with white spots, which often is depicted surrounded by Christmas elves, is the Amanita Muscaria mushroom. These are mushrooms that have a history of being non-poisonous and hallucinogenic when ingested and are symbiotic with the pine tree. That being said, never eat any mushroom that you do not know about or have not researched. A person can have very strong informative ecstatic experiences brought about by this fungi. It can assist in the Kundalini awakening process of a typically temporary nature, similar to the jungle tea called ayahuasca. Siberian reindeer love to eat the mushrooms under the pine tree.

Within a Kundalini awakening perspective, we can see the symbol of the pineal gland being awakened or “in lighted” or enlightened from this gift found under the pine tree. When a shaman or medicine person would partake of such a “gift,” that gift would bring the visual experience and communication with such beings, like the elves, that a Kundalini person can see and interact with. This is what some of us within the Kundalini awakening have as visual appreciation and audible appreciation of aspects of the expanded reality. These “little people” or “fairies” were observed by humanity in ancient times. Yet, even today these inter-dimensional lifeforms can be seen and heard and they can see and hear you. Communication can be established. One must merely be a willing participant in forms of communication that are not common — forms that are of those “gifts” under the tree previously mentioned. Telepathy, clairaudience, intuitive knowing, expanded visionary capacities and healing are all aspects of the new forms of communication that can be established within the Kundalini.

We have Santa Claus. Within the Kundalini context, he represents the sacred male with Kundalini awakened. The colors of his clothing are common colors of those that represent right and left quadrants of the Kundalini awakened energetic anatomy. We have the deep red (sacred feminine) of the Santa Claus suit with the beautiful white (sacred male) of the lining and piping of the jacket and trousers indicating sacred male and sacred feminine in one body (the awakened state). We have the white beard and the red with white trim hat and boots the color of the Shakti soil.

He comes down the chimney bringing gifts. The chimney would be the spinal cord. The fireplace would be the base of the spine correlating with the location of the sacred fire of the Kundalini. There he lays the gifts of grace under the tree. He then comes up the spine and out the fontanel, the roof of our body, bringing with him the classical bottom to top awakening of the Kundalini. As he walks around “our roof,” we experience the movements of little feet walking about the top of the cranium. This is another classic symptom of the Kundalini.

The stockings hanging next to the fireplace within Kundalini are the feet of the awakening individual, as the Kundalini heat will often rush into the feet, as the red triangle of both feet and tailbone is completed.

This information is hidden in plain sight.

Many of us have been partaking of this information through celebration all our lives. In these ways, the divine has and does help to arrange a format that allows humanity this level of spiritual evolution.

Christmas is a truth of enlightenment that we have been given through the hidden meanings and dynamics that reside within ourselves. The kingdom of heaven is within. We are gifts of grace waiting to be opened, and I invite you to open into your grace as you experience the beauty, love, and the gift of life this Christmas season.



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