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    Transformative fiction

    Described as a new voice in the genre of fantastic realism, author Carlisle Bergquist has released The Coyote Oak: Burgeoning Wisdom ($19.95, Reality Press), a shamanic tale that explores the interconnectedness of all life and the challenges of a contemplative life evolved beyond expectations. John Jay Harper, author of Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century, writes: "The Coyote Oak will appeal to the seasoned readers of Brad Steiger, Richard Bach, James Redfield and Dan Millman. This is the story of our walk between the multidimensional worlds of reality, where myth collides with meaning within the forever turning and tumbling kaleidoscope of life experience itself." Visit www.vantagequest.org

    Psychic soldiers

    The Army forms a small unit of remote viewers to help stop a Soviet plot to kill President Ronald Reagan and to probe Iraq’s hidden weapons sites in preparation for the 1991 Gulf War. In PSI Spies ($15.99, New Page Books), learn the truth about our military’s psychic soldiers. Jim Marrs, an award-winning journalist and author of the book that served as the basis for the Oliver Stone film JFK, takes us behind the scenes of the U.S. Army’s formerly top-secret remote viewing unit to see how the military has used this psychic ability as a tool and a weapon.

    Living on purpose

    As a veterinarian-turned writer-turned life coach, Dr. Brad Swift has experienced the transformation of purposeful living, and he translated what he learned into a "systematic, spiritually based process for assisting people to clarify and live true to their life purpose." In his new book Life on Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life ($24.95, Elite Books) Swift uses intimate and encouraging language to walk with you, step by step, coaching you through the six passages that help you define your life purpose and begin to live it out. Along the way, the author gives you exercises, assignments, tips, projects, examples and tools to help you on the journey. Visit www.lifeonpurpose.com

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