And They Were Sent to Heal the Sick


Regardless of our spiritual beliefs, there is a common desire and hunger within us to know ourselves, to know our Divine Source and to discover our gifts and how we are called to share them in the world. As we embark upon this journey of self-discovery, we begin to become acutely aware of the many things within us that seem to stand in the way of our ability to live as the person we were created to be. In this awareness, we recognize our need for healing – healing from the fears, false perceptions and ego attachments that prevent us from living a life of contentment, peace and joy.

This is where Christouch™ comes in.

The Christouch™ System of Natural Healing comes out of many years of experience as a Lay Minister, Spiritual Director and Reiki Practitioner. Christouch™ recognizes this universal call to wholeness, and it acknowledges our Divine Source as being the source and agent of the transformation we are called to embrace. Inspired by the example set by Jesus of Nazareth, Christouch™ empowers both practitioners and recipients to embrace their own Christhood – to living a life of peace and contentment, rooted in the truth of who they are called to be.

Similar to other healing modalities, Christouch™ combines prayer with laying-on of hands to facilitate healing. The Chakra system provides the framework for this practice. Christouch™ works on all levels of healing – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical – and it is open to people of all spiritual beliefs.

Christouch™ recognizes the Divine Source as the agent of healing, and it acknowledges our mutual call to be vessels through which this healing can be revealed in our world. As such, the Christouch™ practitioner is not the healer, but is merely a vehicle through which the healing action of the Divine can be shared. Setting aside her ego, fears and attachments, the practitioner intends to be an open vessel through which recipients may experience the healing that is intended for them by the Divine, all for their highest good. From this place of humility, both practitioner and recipient are able to release any attachment to outcome, trusting that what is received is completely in their highest good. All that is required of both the practitioner and recipient is openness. Our Divine Source takes care of the rest.

It has been a gift and a blessing for me to be able share Christouch™ with family, friends and clients. I have seen amazing things happen in my own life and in the lives of others as together we allow ourselves to get out of the way so that the Divine can do the work. In the end, I believe that we are all called to the same destination – to be restored to the truth of our oneness in love with the Divine and with one another. All of our greatest teachers have come to remind us of this truth. Christouch™ honors this truth and is just one among a multitude of tools that can help us to get there.

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Lauri Lumby Schmidt
Lauri Lumby Schmidt is a native of Minneapolis, is married and the mother of two. She is a trained Spiritual Director, Reiki Master and writer. Lauri has worked in the field of Pastoral Ministry for the past 10 years accompanying both individuals and groups on their spiritual journeys. She is the creator and facilitator of several programs and retreats including: "Chakra Prayer", "Authentic Freedom", "Spirit Dance" and "The Prayer of Divine Attunement". Lauri is the founder of "The Age of the Spirit" intentional community and Spiritual Director of the Harmony Wellness Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Part One of an eight-part poem to be published by Kid by Kid, Inc. Copyright pending


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