“It” Is Happening. “It” Is Just Evolution


    You can’t stop it. You can’t run from it. You can’t hide from it. It is flowing through you. It is flowing around you. It is everywhere and it is no where. Sometimes you may see it. Sometimes you may feel it. Sometimes you may question if it is still there. Sometimes you may wonder what is really changing and why it is! Sometimes you may question it in fear and uncertainty. Sometimes you may experience it beautifully with clarity and direction.

    You can only define what “it” is, through the details of what is taking place in your own life. Others may be able to relate to your experiences and you to theirs, but in other instances that may not be possible. Books are written to explore “it” through the details and experiences of the author. Articles are written to define “it” in the ways the author sees “it.” Speakers talk about “it” as they understand it. Many in spirit have attempted to explain “it”, control “it” and even influence “it.” Those in spirit have attempted to relate “it” to our lives for us. Those who do not understand have often been lost in “it.”

    What is constant is that “it” never stops and “it” never ends. We are caught up in “it,” even when we don’t have a desire to be. We are effected by “it” even when we do not see “it” working through the details and events unfolding around us. We are influenced by “it” most clearly when “it” shakes up our little corner of this universe.

    The question I have for you is: Will you and can you willingly flow with “It”?

    Before white water rafting, the guides instruct each rafter with this simple idea. If the raft capsizes and you end up in the water, get your head up. Float on your back with your feet first facing downstream, keep them together and go with the flow of the river. As you float down the river out of the rapids, move towards one of the riverbanks when you can. Don’t fight the river, just flow with it and you will be fine.

    This is how I view what is taking place now in this moment. When you fall out of the security of the boat you have created for your self, just go with the flow of the river of change, and you will be just fine. If you fight it, it is a fight you cannot win. If you just let go, successfully reaching a riverbank will take place down river.

    Eight years ago, I understood it was time for me to let go of my boat and be willing to be thrown into the rapids. What was in my boat? My marriage, a home, my car, my job, old friendships, savings, family and the illusion that things of this world suggested I was secure and safe in it. After everything was gone I was aware I would flow past and over the rocks hidden below the water’s surface. At times, it felt like I had been pushed over a cliff. But I have never hit the ground far below and the rapids have never pulled me under.

    I let go of my desire to hold on to anything and everything as if it had significance for me in my life. I have now come to understand my own value of Self! My life has taken on new possibilities it did not reflect before. As I experience this physical human plane, my perspective toward it has changed dramatically.

    Approximately nine years ago, I wrote in my journal: “My life is not mine to live, until I am free to live it.” I was not sure in that moment the essential meaning of those words or why I wrote them. But, I now understand!

    “It” (evolution) is just an experience. It is what it will be until it is not. Then it will be something different. “It” does not matter what it is. Although many have attempted to control it for their Self and others. I can see a value in all of it. “It” is what it is, nothing more, nothing less! The value it has, is the value I can see in it as I continue to grow and evolve into my authentic Self. I don’t have to struggle with it. I can now accept it. I am now in alignment with it. I give to my Self, the balance “It” challenges me to give to my Self. I have come to understand receiving something from another is only temporary and creates obligation, need and dependency on another. What I give to my Self, is Self-sustaining and Self-fulfilling and can never be taken from me.

    It all comes down to me! In the evolution equation, the experience holds the limitation. I am discovering I am the X factor! I am without limitation. The experience suggests I am limited. The experience creates the environment for me to demonstrate my limitation or unlimitedness. I now fully understand it is the experience that is limited. The failure to understand this concept can hold me a captive of the experience. The ability to understand this concept has freed me to see everything through a different perspective.

    If you are already in this place with me, awesome! If you are not, I believe “It” is inevitably a place of being you will know also, in your own way, when the moment is possible. If you can just let go and go with the flow!

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    Ricki Lee Schuster
    Ricki Lee Schuster has been transitioning, transforming and releasing energy since 1999. If you are interested in contacting Rick, he can be reached at [email protected] or through www.greattreehealing.com. Rick currently lives in Worthington, MN, and makes multiple trips a month to work out of the Twin Cities. 


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