2010, Oh Mama


A decade ago we were concerned about Y2K and the end of the world as we knew it. Perhaps we were right about the outcome, even though Y2K itself turned out to be a minor event for most people. Still, that possibility of radical change did ignite an awareness of our global interconnectedness and the possibility that our lives could experience significant shift in a short period of time.

However, instead of a global meltdown at that time, we actually experienced 24 hours of collective joy. Do you remember watching television as we transitioned from 1999 into the year 2000? Fireworks displays and millennium events cascaded past our eyes as people in each time zone celebrated the midnight hour and the beginning of a new cycle.

Often the significant story can be missed when we are focused on the popular one. Y2K made for months of speculative drama while the new year’s celebrations were over in 24 hours. Which story do you remember getting the most press? I’m going with Y2K. Yet, which experience was more significant for you personally? I’ll bet it was the millennial celebration. Y2K was based in fear, while the grand, planetary new year’s experience was a joyful party shared by billions. In terms of the evolution of consciousness, that moment of shared joy did more than most people realized to lay the groundwork for a new earth experience. Why? Because the sustained joy lifted the collective frequencies long enough for the new template to stabilize. That stability meant that we could accelerate our transformation process without the same intensity of highs and lows as before. And, accelerate we did as the matrix of time further collapsed in each succeeding year.

2010 is slated to bring us another bump on the scale of significance. A decade after Y2K we find ourselves enveloped by a new phase of our transformation, and once again the authors in the mainstream are likely to focus on the superficial while never seeing the greater story. The greater story is our reconnection to the deep wisdom of the feminine, including the dismantling of what has kept us from making that connection. This next phase is where more of the old reality comes apart. Structures within consciousness that have dominated and suppressed the feminine are up for dissolution, and without them we can more easily find our way to go within to listen at the level now required.

The operating system of consciousness is changing. There are teachings galore created by minds that have told us that we only need to believe something, or repeat something, or attempt to steer energy around with our mind to create our reality. I see such teachings as being generated from and intended for the old system that is dying, and I find those teachings generally irrelevant, if not downright misleading in the context of the world that is birthing. Creation in the old world may have been perceived to be a case of mind over matter, but that dominance does not exist in the non-dual world.

Creation within the new consciousness fused of Spirit and Matter is produced by Life as it brings into experience the soul’s deepest desires. This is a wordy way of saying that creating in the new reality begins with deep listening to the feminine, or mystery, which is why we will now move into a time of learning how to do that. The footings for what is to be created next will be found by reaching down and in, not up and out.

Revisiting the experiences of that Y2K year reminded me that we are creative beings capable of changing our experiences when needed, and that sometimes we allow our attention to be misdirected by drama and the angst that drives it. Unlike ten years ago, we have now established the foundation of a new world in which we can choose to consciously create who we are in form.

We can enter at any time, but we will have to check all fears and beliefs at the door. Don’t worry, you won’t need them back, and the management will gladly recycle them for you.

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  1. In the spirit of LaFontaine wit, I have to say that that was the best fifth paragraph I’ve read all year. Having watched the holistic realms infiltrated by marketing people and their (agreed) misleading tactics, I’m hoping it’s the old system’s last, desperate attempt to survive. Onward.


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