The Beauty of Synchronicity


laughlin-wideWhen an ethereal parallel (the familiar but ever-so-random connection — human or not) enters our space, and the exchange of energy lights our path, it can be mind bending. (I call it a cosmic WTF.)

Some say it is fate; some say it is a coincidence; some simply say, (as coined by Jung) “synchronicity.”

But what is this interaction?

The Urban Dictionary defines synchronicity as a magical connection of “coincidental” events that when you point them out, it makes you more intelligent than everyone else. The Standard Dictionary defines it as “the simultaneous occurrences of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.”

Personally, I stopped trying to understand it long ago and I don’t really believe in coincidences (I just accept them) but, they still make me go hmmm — and I do get there is something out there greater than what I can wrap my head around; to me, it is nothing short of magical.

I have learned this: If we pay attention, we can construct and witness the wonderment and connection(s) every day.

Situations show up just as we need them, be it people, places, things (whether we like it or not), and these situations are what we have conjured up out of longing and necessity. Simply put, they are our life lessons in full bloom. We create them, beckon them in and we make the magic happen through a series of daily choices — millions of them.

Every decision is quickly at work making our future, and the energy behind this is immense. So when something appears to be serendipitous, it is quite revealing to take a step back and look at the resolve that brought us to the moment — everything has a moment attached to it — that can take our breath away. They are etched in the cellular memory and ignite the passion within. The attached synchronicity is an opening for betterment, and perhaps the best way to hold it (instead of trying to figure it out) is softly and delicately.

Give it space, give it honor, and give it a Yes.

However, a good posture in mindfulness is preferable because a so-called happenstance situation was actually constructed long ago…. It was made in the mind and in the deepest place of the soul. It is a heart truth and the situation will play out as a vital, integral part of our life. It doesn’t need an origin (our choices are endless) and it doesn’t need to be defined (just leave the objectivity out.) It isn’t good, or bad. It just is.

Typically, we don’t realize or acknowledge how routinely and how much control we actually have over these situations. On top of this, if blame is removed from the equation and accountability is added, coming to peace with what has happened can bring a sense of contentment. This peace refreshes what we already know, and the frequency of fortuity increases simply because we allowed it to enter.

That is the beauty of inner receiving or, if you will, the synchronicity of it all.

It works with us, because when we are fully present, we are participating. And as we come to meet, welcoming the mystical miracles of the simplest things, the synchronicities will no longer be random. They will envelope us and alter the way we look at our daily conditions. They are meditative and wise, gifted to us by an omnipresent call.

This is a higher level of acceptance.

It is a bigger view with serene sensitivity and a larger intensity of our being — and none of this should ever be taken for granted. Yes, you and I have had a hand in co-creating every happenstance, connection and event.

Note: It is no coincidence you are reading this now!

So with a smile and a nod, perhaps a thank you (and no more surprises) think of synchronicity as affirmative action in a spiritual sense. It is backed by a Universal intelligence and a whole lot of love. It is an easier way to live when broader acceptance is in place, and we all become wiser for it. Although this doesn’t totally explain connectivity and magic, it makes it a lot more fun to foster our learning and get to know synchronicity on a first name basis. Introduce yourself…then enjoy the ride.

I wrote this the other night, and the next morning I picked up the book I am reading (Edgar Cayce’s My Life as a Seer). Within a couple of pages I am reading this:

“Do we not with each decision set in motion laws that must carry through on their course? Is there not a destiny shaped for us by the deeper desires of the recesses of our hearts.”

Synchronicity? You tell me.

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