Love and Balance and Service, Oh My!


The angelic realm lives both in and around us; this is made possible through the oneness of the energy of love. The beauty of the angelic realm is that it is not some distant place where only those who have crossed over the veil are. By virtue of our capacity to love and be loved, along with our gift of being of assistance to each other, we too, carry some of that same angelic energy. We are all beings formed from the same Source of pure love.

The angelic realm is about love, protection and service, which we are in dire need of in this earthly dimension. Being connected to the angelic realm also helps us open our hearts to receive other marvelous gifts, such as compassion, empathy, kindness and forgiveness. Thus, we become balanced and share these gifts with others. Speaking about our experiences and interactions with the angelic realm increases these attributes exponentially. Yet, there is a limit to angels’ interactions with us. They do not interfere with choices humans make. We are allowed free will, and our soul’s evolution naturally takes place.

From what I’ve witnessed, the angelic realm has many kinds of helpers and assistants. One male angel is very formal. He arrives to assist with a top hat and walking stick. He is completely silent, does his work and leaves with a nod. Another angel finds it particularly funny to make noise, do cartwheels, jumping jacks, and generally stir up harmless mischief during healings. My favorite angels to watch work are the spiritual surgeons, complete with their tiny medical equipment. Usually, these angelic doctors also have an anesthesiologist who will peacefully put the person to sleep while the spiritual surgery is performed during an energy healing. Spiritual surgery may involve organ restructuring or dealing with multiple complex traumas due to a severe accident. It often resembles surgery on the Earth plane, except it is energetic surgery, which takes place where the problem originated or can be healed faster than traditional medicine techniques.

When my husband and I are in the car, two guardian angels hop in the back and act like little children. It is not uncommon for Uno cards to fly around the back seat at the same time as the angels are pointing at eagles and other things of spiritual significance. This reminds us that we are also sacred beings.

Angels are powerful messengers who show us that we can live joyfully on Earth while perceiving the spiritual signs speaking to us. At times, a seemingly mundane message turns out to be a blissful missive from a loved one. Sometimes the messages don’t seem to relate to anything at the current time. However, since time/space is irrelevant in the angelic realm, at some point we will be able to decipher exactly why we were chosen for that specific message.

It helps to remember who we truly are at the core: Source energy. Staying in balance means keeping extremely grounded to Earth, yet, raising our vibration to higher levels to understand the celestial messages.

There is no end to the relationship between us and the angelic realm. The balance techniques taught by the angels grow broader. The bond of love continues to grow stronger, and the ways we can be of service and remember who we really are becoming more evident. Keep connecting!

It’s an exciting time to be on planet Earth and have limitless possibilities to connect with our loved ones by sheer loving thoughts and actions.

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