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The Edge is naturally curious about members of the holistic community, so it contacted longtime advertiser and Twin Cities psychic Kayla Michaele to learn more about her and what she offers her community.

What is your earliest intuitive experience that you can remember?
Kayla Michaele:
First, I would like to make the definition between “intuitive” and “psychic,” because there is an important difference. Intuitive is the access that we have to our inner knowing. This is our soul speaking to us, our ability to tap into the Universal consciousness of our own soul. This resides in our solar plexus and is usually referred to as our gut feelings.

Psychic, on the other hand, comes from outside sources: angels, spirit guides, astral beings, loved ones that have passed, etc. The information is accessed through our crown chakra and is coming from the Universal consciousness of other beings/souls. As a psychic, I lean on my intuition but most of the information is coming from these other beings/souls.

Intuitive is an easier word for some people to accept, but I feel it important to give credit where credit is due and that is the psychic realm! It is a beautiful collaboration of distinct and loving energies.
People ask me all the time, when did I know I was psychic? There wasn’t a real “ah ha” moment…but events that led up to an awakening. When I was a child I always seemed to know things about people. Like, were they telling the truth (intuitive)? What kind of mood they were in (intuitive) or sometimes if things were going to happen to them (psychic).

When I was in third grade, I had a strong vision about boy in my class named Scottie. The vision was of him hurting his hand during a baseball game. I had a crush on him and started daydreaming about how I could come to his rescue and he would fall in love with me and we would spend the rest of our lives together — we all know that fairytale!

So, I packed up some wet Kleenex and Band-Aids (like 30 of them) and set off to the playground. There wasn’t anyone there. I waited and waited. It must have been for over an hour. But no baseball game ever started and I was alone. Finally I went home, crying from confusion and heartbreak. I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t there. How could I have seen this in my head and felt the injury? I knew he was hurt, I just knew it.

That was a Saturday. On Monday I went to school, feeling completely foolish and hoping that Scottie wouldn’t know what I had done (because I didn’t understand that not everyone knew what I did or couldn’t “pick up” on things/events like I could).

When Scottie walked in, my embarrassment quickly changed to elation. You see, his right hand was all bandaged up. Apparently he had been hit on the knuckles with the baseball and his entire hand was bruised up. He had been injured like I saw, but it had happened at a different ball park than the one that I went to.

What intuitive experience continues to give you goose bumps to this day?
My hair is constantly standing up because Spirit is continually surprising me. Every time that a really cool connection is made it still puts me in awe. Just this last week I had a client who wanted to connect with her son who had passed. Now he came to me dressed in white — white shirt, pants and shoes. He pointed down to his shoes and they melted off of his feet. Then he pointed up to his head and a halo began to glow behind him. I then saw that his hands were placed in the shape of a triangle under his chin and over the middle of his chest as if he was deep in thought. It was beautiful.

I described to his mother what I was seeing and tried to impress that it felt like he wanted her to envision him like this. I also told her that he made me feel as if I was supposed to get on my phone and find that picture of him that he was showing me. It was then that his mother started sobbing as she reached for her phone. She cried out that she was thinking about having a painting made of him and she showed me the portrait that was her inspiration. And there it was, a picture of a young male angel in a white outfit, bare feet, holding his hands in the form a triangle over his chest.

My mouth dropped. Again and again I am agog with how Spirit can breach the planes and contact us in such a loving and descriptive manner. This is why I do what I do: to be able to work with Spirit to bring joy and peace to people is incredible and humbling.

When did you decide to become a professional intuitive, and what inspired that decision?
About 12 years ago I came in contact with four beautiful women who, like me, were exploring our abilities and searching for deeper meaning to the Spirit realm. We were led to work together, as a group, to provide insight to the community. Imagine, we thought, if one psychic is cool, how amazing would five psychics working together be? So we created Psychics in the Cities. It was a beautiful and powerful way to work, with support of each other and in concert with the Universal energies.

As the group changed and grew it became time for me to move on to my own endeavors and I passed the baton onto a former student so that they could continue to grow and change in the way it needed to. Taking the step to separate was scary, but it was needed for my spiritual growth, as well as my psychic development. I knew that the Universe had other plans for me and it hasn’t let me down yet!

What makes your sessions with clients unique?
A session with any psychic is going to be unique. Let me explain. Let’s say you have a favorite grocery store that you like to go to. There is another one to the left of it and it sells the exact same foods and products, but you like going to the one on the right. But your neighbor prefers going to the one on the left. Why? How can they both be open offering the same thing and be in business right next to each other? Vibration and energy.

I offer the same thing that other psychics offer but my vibration and energy is different. The people who come to see me probably won’t go and see the psychic who is all unicorns and glitter. AND, the people who are attracted to unicorns and glitter definitely won’t come and see me. It’s perfect! The people with whom I can connect are going to find me.

Our session will be uniquely different than if they had chosen to go to someone else. A session with me can be blunt, but always delivered with kindness and definitely with a little humor involved. I always say to people to choose a psychic by your gut. Let your intuition lead the way.

What do you want everyone to know about the work you do?
I used to say that I connect with the angels and spirit guides of each client to receive information about their current questions surrounding their life. But now it has changed a bit. I am finding that the information is going to be the same whether I work with angels or guides. This is because it is all around soul energy.

I defiantly continue to work with the human aspect of people, but more and more those searching for a higher meaning, spiritual explanation and direction are coming to me. It isn’t so much more about “When will my house sell?” as it is about what is holding me back from moving forward? Those earthly things are important, don’t get me wrong, but it’s becoming more about the soul growth side of our human experience.

It’s lovely and amazing and I’m blessed to be a light worker — working in and with the elevation that is happening all around us. Before each session, I ask that the Universal consciousness and the soul of each client work with me to receive and give over information that is clear, concise, and accurate and for the highest good of those that sit with me.

What insight have you recently received from spirit that you’d like to share with Edge readers?
Oh my gosh, there is so much! I think that one powerful message is that now is the time to stretch our understanding on what spiritual soul growth is to be for us while here on Earth at this time.

As we travel through our soul’s life plan, we are given experiences that we/our soul have set up. Each experience brings us the opportunity to move through those emotions that are holding us back. So, if we struggle, let’s say, with abandonment, then we will be given experiences to feel that emotion. The goal is to no longer be triggered to feel the emotion of abandonment. As we no longer are triggered, those experiences will not come into our path. Now, on a much more global level, this translates beautifully.

They say we have left the Age of Pisces and have entered the Age of Aquarius. Pisces was about authority and individuality — “I’ve just gotta be me!” “How far can I go within Earthly material matters?” “I am just as important as you are!” Aquarius is more about “Actually, we ARE all the same, just different interpretations of this sameness (Soul Energy).” We are connected in each and every way. We don’t need to be SEEN as an individual, we just need to BE that individual without the fear of being judged (thus putting up the illusion that we are separate).

So, if we can watch events unfold in our daily lives, sense what these things or people trigger within ourselves and move through that emotion, then we don’t feed into the crazy world events. The events of separation are the last gasps of the Age of Pisces — the death rattle, so to say. If we don’t feed into it, then it can move further away and be absorbed by the Universe.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stand up or help those in need, but it must be done without the need to be right or heard. We should be doing it from a space of non-reaction, being connected, through peace and love. As we Aquarians say, “Man, can’t we all just get along?”

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