The Sound Room


An ECKist (member of Eckankar) was going through a great period of depression, and one morning she felt it would be a good idea to write an initiate report. The initiate report allows Divine Spirit to begin working things out. But she became so depressed as she was writing that she couldn’t even get through the letter. So she quit.

She went into contemplation and found herself on the inner planes with Wah Z, the Inner Master. He took her to a room in a beautiful Temple of Golden Wisdom. He said, “This is the sound room. Would you like a sound healing?”

The ECKist said, “Sure. What is it?”

Wah Z told her to climb onto a big stone table in the middle of the room. As she lay there, the sound currents of ECK (the Holy Spirit) began massaging her inner bodies to relax her. Then the transformation began. After a little while she felt the sound current raise her off the table toward the ceiling. She passed through a small opening into higher states of sound, where the sound current was much more refined.

She felt the depression gradually leaving her until it was all gone. Then she woke up.

She felt completely changed from this short contemplation. The exercise helped her because she had done as much as she could on her own. She had attempted to write an initiate report, and she had done a contemplation. The report was the trigger which the Inner Master used to give her the nudge to contemplate. Once she went into contemplation, he could take her to an inner temple of healing.

When the healing occurs, it brings balance to the inner bodies. She realized it may take some time to filter to the physical, and her life tomorrow might not be easier than it was today. But at least now she knew about the sound room at the Temple of Golden Wisdom, and she can ask to go there when she needs to.

The Temple Door
This is a very simple exercise to make contact with the voice of God, which can be seen as light and heard as sound.

Close your eyes and relax. You are preparing to enter the inner temple, that sacred place where soul has communication with God. You may see the light of God first in your spiritual eye. You may see it as a blue light or a blue star. You may see It as a globe or blob of light.

This means you have contact with the highest state of consciousness that is available. It can uplift you to that very same state, too, but not overnight — the shock would be too great.

After you see the light in your spiritual eye or feel It in your heart center, then comes the sound. The sound may come first at times.

The sound may be that of the flute of God, which comes from the soul plane. Or you may hear the buzzing of bees or any number of different sounds. Later, as you move higher, it may become a very high peeping sound, a single peep so high that it feels as if you can barely reach it.

It is the voice of God uplifting you.

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  1. Tuning into this Inner Sound and Light brings Joy and Love from the Heart to life. Once I let go of whatever is bothering me, put my attention on the Sound within, I feel my attention rise to a higher state of consciousness and often find answers for any problems and insight into situations in my outer life.


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