The Quote that Upleveled my Understanding of the Law of Attraction


Is our judgment getting in the way of our dream life?

I always enjoy a few Abraham-Hicks videos as a part of my morning routine while nursing my cup of coffee.

And today, something Esther (the woman who channels Abraham) said about wanting abundance hit me like a ton of bricks.

By now, we’ve all heard the news: we are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe. This is not new information.

The part of this we want to examine is how we are showing up as vibrational beings and also, ask what sends our vibration all out of whack.

The vibration we are giving off versus the vibration we think we are giving off is usually two separate things. Many times, we assume we are vibe-ing high, but our unconscious thoughts and judgments are telling a different story, thus, creating a contradictory vibration.

We truly create our perception of reality. What’s showing up in our lives is because of our thoughts, which affect our vibration. It really is that simple.

So I don’t keep you in suspense any longer, here is the quote that shifted my understanding of the difference between what we say we want and what we actually do in the wanting of it:


“One of the greatest ironies of the current state of the human condition is that almost everyone wants abundance and almost everyone condemns it when they see it. You cannot push against what you want to attract.”


Whoa. Just take that in for a minute before you keep reading. Let your ego relish and comprehend this idea. Read it a few times.

I’m guilty of this and I bet you are, too. And now that we know we do this, we can consciously shift it.

It’s easy to fall off the wagon, vibrationally speaking. Our eyes and conditioning are telling us a different story than what we know to be true in our hearts and souls.

If we desire a gorgeous new house, but then silently judge our family member when they manifest one, we just cut ourselves off from our own good. We allowed our eyes to tell the story versus our heart, which knows that the perfect house for us is on its way.

Other people’s ability to create abundance has nothing to do with our own unless we allow our vibration to become a bit funky because of our reaction to ‘what is.’

We must keep our focus on what we want beyond what has already shown up.

Conditioning tells us that there are a finite amount of resources and only so much to go around. This triggers our survival response in our egos, taking us out of vibrational resonance with getting what we want and focusing on the fact that it’s not here yet.

If we could dismantle the belief of comparison, many of us would experience much more peace, happiness, and our own stream of abundance.

If we are honest with ourselves, we’ve all cut off our stream of abundance by silently condemning it when it shows up for others.

So, let’s stop doing that.

When something you desire shows up for someone else, change your belief about it. Say, “Wow! I’ve been dreaming of that sports car and now John has one! This means I am getting closer to receiving it because it’s showing up around me. I must be doing something right. I’m gonna ask John if we can go for a ride!”

Keeping our attitude focused on what we want (versus getting pissed because someone else got it first) is our superpower.

Choosing to go for a ride with good ol’ John rather than chastising yourself (or the Universe) because you didn’t manifest the car yet is exactly what will keep you in that receptive mode. As you enjoy the ride, you experience the pleasure of the car and what it feels like, therefore, confirming your desire instead of condemning it.

Another part of this equation is our worrying about ‘the how.’

We can’t quite see how what we want could come to us, especially in our current circumstances.

Our egos love to know what will happen next and how it will happen. It’s scanning for familiarity so it can keep us safe. And because our egos have stores of information about how things have shown up in the past, it’s looking for new manifestations to show up in the same old ways.

But that limits us, too.

If we can keep an open mind about how things come into our experience, we can then get excited about where they will come from. We can switch our worry to wonder. We can start to anticipate how the Universe will respond to our asking.

Start to notice when you condemn rather than celebrate or when you judge instead of getting excited or curious. Just notice.

After you notice, as yourself what a better choice could be. What would make you feel better in this particular moment to keep the focus on what you desire?

If someone else gets something you want, check your vibration about it. What signal are you honestly sending? What is your belief around the thing you want?

Our vibration and point of attraction are exactly what create our perception and experiences. It’s the ingredient to how we experience the experience – how we exist inside it.

I used to believe it was more complicated than that. And while life has a lot of stuff going on at any given moment, we get to choose how we feel and how we show up. That is in our power and we are more powerful than we realize.

We get to choose what we think about, what our attitude will be, if we will be critical or curious, and if we will keep telling the same story or give ourselves permission to write a new one.

When we judge others for having what we desire for ourselves, it cannot show up for us.

Why would money show up when we are constantly badmouthing it? How can we find our dream home if we are jealous of someone else’s?

Our focus is creating our future and our attitude is our meal ticket.

Remember what the Law of Attraction says: That which is like unto itself, is drawn.

Be the light and watch what gets drawn to you.


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Elizabeth Gordon
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