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Over the Hump by Kate Mura of Group Tarot

A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of Group Tarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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Happy Pride!

This week, even though we are officially in Pride and Pride Tarot would be a very logical choice, I need some gentleness and maybe you do too.

I am reminded of something I say in different ways, a lot, “we bring all of ourselves, everywhere we go, whether or not we share all of ourselves.”

For me, that means a tumultuous emotional rollercoaster as my dad’s health has taken some severe nosedives. Whether or not I’ve chosen to share specifics or not, that energy is there. That awareness courses through my veins as surely as blood does.

For you it might be parts of your ethnobiography, chronic pain, gender, asexuality, or just that you really dislike strawberries. Sacrilege as we’re just past the Strawberry Full Moon! Understandable to hide. Thank you to the lovely folx at The Old Church for having me offer IRL readings as part of their Moon Concert Series again. What a beautiful evening; the music, the patrons, the readings. T’was a needed balm for my soul.

So, here is your friendly reminder to remember that every life – human and other than human – we encounter has so much more going on than we will ever know. Today’s Gentle Creatures Wisdom card (Arwen Lynch Poe and Dan May) may resonate for you, and it may be helpful to keep in mind interacting with others.

We are given,

play tarot card

How appropriate given I’ve been watching 5-7 squirrels run around playing in my backyard as I type this!

Seeing this larger creature pulling three smalls in a wagon, I’m reminded of how my dad used to pull me in my favorite red wagon around Wood-Ridge, NJ, helping me deliver my copious Girl Scout cookie orders.

Interestingly, this is also the card I choose for him in a personal reading earlier this week… I’ll put it on my altar with a healing candle in front of it.

How can you find delight? Curiosity? Fun? Gratitude for being transported around by someone else? Joy watching butterflies – or hummingbirds! Or crows or squirrels or nature – as you pass by. Pride at being able to pull littles around – or maybe at your own handiwork. I wouldn’t be surprised if the adult creature made the wooden wagon the smalls are riding in. Maybe they built it together and are now testing it out. It’s the first excursion…! What a glorious adventure!

Arwen writes, “now is not the time for work or hard things. Put down your implements of work… it is in this moment you need to play. Move your body… Do whatever you can to open yourself up to the playful spirit.”

When was the last time you moved your body simply for the fun of it? For the delight and miracle that is movement? I’m not going to assume your ability, your movements may be small or large, fully actuated or envisioned.

Shake it up!

Maybe squeal with delight or make super weird noises, releasing tension and emotional gunk as you shimmy on loud exhales.

Or roll back and forth in bed, hiding under the covers reading by flashlight. Just because. Blanket forts are fun at all ages.

Would you leave me a comment about how you play this week?


All the b.e.s.t,
Kate Mura signature

*b.e.s.t. = beautiful. equitable. sustainable. timely.

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