Starcodes: September 1-7


Starcodes for the week of September 1-7 2023

Labor Day is the industrious Virgo holiday which celebrates our hard work by giving us one last long summer’s weekend to play. We have two major patterns at odds with each other this weekend, strong Virgo energy encouraging us to forge ahead, and 6 planets retrograde asking us to slow down.

The Sun, retrograde Mercury, and asteroid Pallas Athena all in competent Virgo bring the sorting season- time to sort the seeds of our lives, decide what we want to compost, consume now, or save for future plantings. Take on this metaphor; sort out closet, freezers, our political slate and personal habits. Compost what’s no longer needed and create room for future sprouts.

Virgo brings a thoughtful, intelligent mood but also one where we can get stuck in our heads or be hard on ourselves. Virgo also naturally brings compassion, but we can also get anxious, and then irritated, if we feel the object of our compassion is not doing their end of the work and taking care of themselves. Consciously keep heart and mind connected.

The retrogrades ask us to instead slow down, catch up with the past, review, and savor our friendships Uranus just turned retrograde last week, Jupiter retrogrades this week just as Venus turns direct, Mercury is retrograde in its own sign and so acts like a super Merc-retrograde until Sept 15. Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are taking long retrograde vacations. All these swirling planetary energies can act like a passing storm and leave us discombobulated. Life can roll with small mishaps or unexpected demands which we need to juggle. So take another week to catch up and reorganize rather than forge ahead, as momentum won’t really build until the last few weeks of September.

Retrograde doesn’t mean deficient, a planet that appears to back up against the zodiacal belt sends us back to finish unfinished business and encourages us to heal and repair the past, get on better foundations for the future. The personal planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are the ones we notice most obviously when they are retrograde, they affect our daily life and events in our neighborhood.

Mercury retrogrades for three weeks, three times a year and is the most obvious because it’s the planet of movement, and things just don’t move like normal. They go sideways. But sometimes with oddly helpful patterns. Look for small mishaps that save us, a car that breaks down just before the storm so we stay safe. Small delays that could actually save us or offer an opportunity to make new contacts or burn off karma.

This Labor Day weekend the Aries Moon calls for a break in routine, and adventure. We just need to add patience and roll with logistical difficulties as Mars quincunx Saturn. On Sunday and Monday, as the Moon enters earthy Taurus, we need our creature comforts, to relax and get grounded.

Venus turns direct late on Sunday, Mercury trines Jupiter on Monday morning, together they suggest we get cuddly and move at our own pace. Own up to some previously unexpressed emotions. Let go of some preconception and find more space, more opportunity, and a way to be helpful in the future. Midweek a Gemini Moon starts the conversation and helps us reconnect.

starcodes week of September 1 through 7Image by Casey Horner from Unsplash

Friday, September 1: Hurry up and wait, don’t drink too much coffee as the Aries Moon speeds us up while Mars quincunx Saturn throws some logistical tweaks in the way. Let’s pace ourselves and prioritize safety. Watch for irritations midday as the Moon opposes Mars, work through logistical snafus to clear the ground for a restful and connected weekend. Tonight we’ll long for a release of tension, to laugh together and break routine.

Moon conjunct Neptune 2:13 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 4:35 AM, Moon enters Aries 7:24 AM, Moon opposes Mars 12:49 PM, Mars quincunx Saturn 3:01 PM.

Saturday, September 2: As the Aries Moon trines Venus this morning our opinions are strong but hearts will tend to be open. Just don’t push. Let go of plans and make room for spontaneity; stay in the moment and be present to one another. Our powerful feelings will tend to run tangentially; we can talk about the various fires in our lives without bringing them into the room. Some surprising and healing options arise. All will tend to go smoothly, if with a few rocky moments, but if some emergency does need attention, people can respond quickly and efficiently.

Moon trine Venus 3:19 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 2:53 PM.

Sunday, September 3: Enjoy brunch as the Moon enters earthy Taurus, our creature comforts can renew us and help us feel more centered. Conversation may not go anywhere in particular, but if it can add to warmth and understanding, wonderful. Meander; the journey, not the goal, will be the point. The mood is stubborn, we need gentle acceptance and not an effort to change our minds. Share honest, undemanding affection; everybody everybody’s heart could use nurturing as Venus turns direct. Be tactfully honest.

Moon square Pluto 5:56 AM, Moon enters Taurus 8:59 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 2:35 PM, Venus turns direct 7:20 PM.

Monday, September 4: Optimism, pessimism, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Notice the worst-case scenario and then look for the best as mental Mercury trines expansive Jupiter while Jupiter retrogrades. Jupiter wants us to broaden our horizons, but as both Mercury and Jupiter are retrograde, we’ll have better hindsight than foresight. But solutions will be found in the present moment. Contemplate the difference between freedom and privilege, two ends of the Jupiter spectrum. Notice what needs expanding and what needs editing.

Mercury trine Jupiter 4:29 AM, Moon trine Sun 5:12 AM, Moon square Venus 6:08 AM, Jupiter turns retrograde 8:10 AM, Moon trine Mercury 11:35 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 12:05 PM.

Tuesday, September 5: Autumn’s work begins- but are we ready? Notice a willingness to shift gears this morning, if also with a thread of anxiety, under a change-inducing Moon-Uranus conjunction. Check the road before jumping ahead. Take the lay of the land this morning and assess urgent needs, then instigate planning conversations this afternoon as the Moon enters verbal Gemini and squares Saturn. Don’t get hung up on details yet, just establish the first steps.

Moon conjunct Uranus 1:27 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 7:59 AM, Moon trine Pluto 10:45 AM, Moon enters Gemini 2:06 PM, Moon square Saturn 7:49 PM.

Wednesday, September 6: Let’s keep our eyes open for a revelation, an honesty, a fresh understanding as Mercury conjuncts the Sun and the Moon squares them both. Just know a second, balancing chapter could arrive as this aspect repeats when direct Mercury conjuncts the Sun again in mid-October. Notice new battle lines or points of contention, but do not harden behind these lines; strategize instead.

Moon trine Mars 1:44 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 5:09 AM, Moon sextile Venus 1:06 PM, Moon square Mercury 2:45 PM, Moon square Sun 4:21 PM.

Thursday, September 7: It’s a good day to make overtures at school or work; our friend group can enlarge as the Sun trines expansive Jupiter under a talkative, nervy Gemini Moon. Do not laugh at another, laugh with them–keep the point of connection a positive goal. Evening quiets as the Moon enters cozy Cancer, let people retreat to their shell with blessings.

Moon square Neptune 4:21 PM, Moon enters Cancer 10:59 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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