Creating a Conscious Ripple


Our human life experience is comprised of moments we experience, which encompasses a spectrum of emotions as well as opportunities to learn and grow. As energetic beings having a human experience in physical form, we operate, function and respond from our level of awareness and consciousness. Everyone experiences life in different ways, is immersed and sometimes enmeshed in their own personal reality as well as has their own perception, level of awareness and way of receiving information.

Vibration, frequency and resonance are aspects of understanding energy. The energy frequency that we vibrate at is what we broadcast out to the world around us. Therefore, what we focus on can become our reality. The radio signals we are emitting include our self-talk and the other extraneous thoughts running through our mind as well as our emotions.

In order to tune in to the energy that surrounds us, it’s a good idea to have an awareness of our own energetic emission. Once we are aware of our own energy and how the energies around us feel to us, we do have the ability to transmute undesirable energetic experiences based on our viewpoint and how we choose to respond to them. Shifting energy is truly a matter of changing how we perceive a situation, experience, person, place or thing. Also, practicing compassion and understanding will shift energy as well.

With that awareness, it is essential to know that each one of us is creating a ripple by letting our love flow and embracing the magic within. We can plant the seeds of intention with loving kindness and watch them bloom and grow. Choosing to embody heart-centered consciousness provides us with an opportunity to welcome each moment with openness and kindness, and to love whatever experience arises, especially the challenging ones. Understandably, this concept may be difficult to fathom, especially when someone is experiencing a challenging situation, facing a health diagnosis or even stressing about financial insecurity.

how to create a consciousness rippleImage by geralt from Pixabay

As we know, conscious references being aware and awake. A ripple effect is recognized as the continuing and spreading results of an action. With that concept in mind, let’s take a moment and imagine within our mind that we are throwing a rock into water. Once the rock begins to sink, we can visually see the ripple that it created in the water. The smaller the rock, the smaller the ripple. Understandably, the bigger the rock, the bigger the ripple. Regardless, a ripple is created.

Remember, we are all drops in the proverbial ocean of Oneness. Everything we think, say and do is creating a ripple. What does it mean to create a conscious ripple? Very simply, it means that we are aware of our energetic emission. We are choosing to generate more positive energy and have a positive attitude knowing that our positive actions will inspire others as well.

The Dalai Lama encourages us with his words on this topic. He says, “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” This ripple of love and compassion surpasses anything anyone could imagine if we would simply allow the love to flow.

There are many ways we can each be a positive ripple. Heart-centered intention followed by inspired action is how it begins. Expressing love and sharing kindness takes such a small effort, yet has an enormous effect. Our conscious and even unconscious actions – something we do knowingly and unknowingly – are helping to shift and assist others with the ripple effect. What ripple are you creating?


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Shelly Wilson
Shelly Wilson is an intuitive medium, Reiki Master, life coach, author and inspirational speaker who is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. She supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness. Shelly has an innate ability to meet people where they are, while offering a tailored approach intended to bolster their own connection to Spirit. She illuminates each person’s unique soul key and helps individuals re-ignite their spark, while reminding them of the power they behold.


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