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Our environment has a big impact on us, and we are only just beginning to understand to what extent. I have been dowsing homes for over 20 years, and in my experience as a Master Dowser, I have found the energy of our environment, while sometimes not seen or felt, can cause stress in our bodies and homes, which can lead to an array of physical and emotional symptoms.

When I dowse a home, I find and cure geopathic stress and negative vortexes, both negative vibrations. The impacts from these vibrations can range from the inability to sleep soundly, having a depressed immune system, or a lack of motivation, inspiration, or clarity to a lack of harmony in your relationships or the inability to feel relaxed in your own home.

Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress occurs when the natural energy vibrations emanating from the earth’s core are interrupted. This vibrational energy supports all living things on earth, and when interrupted, the resulting stress can impact our health and well-being where we live and work.

Causes of geopathic stress include fault lines, underground water currents and aquifers, adjoining soils that differ in composition or type, and underground mines and tunnels.

The impact of geopathic stress can sometimes be seen on the surface in the form of cracks in walls or the ground – even in concrete – and breaks in plant growth, such as tree lines or shrubs, where one tree or shrub is dying or is much shorter than the surrounding ones.

During dowsing, any geopathic stress in your home is identified and ‘cured,’ so it will no longer impact you or your family and uplift your space.


Negative vortexes are places where the etheric field of the earth has been disturbed, and instead of creating a connection to higher realms of light (Positive Vortexes), they create an opening to the denser energies of the earth.

We can identify a positive vortex by the places (or places) where everyone loves to be in your home. If you have a natural positive vortex in your home, you are fortunate. These places create areas of natural, uplifting energy. When you spend time in this area, you will feel energized and inspired.

Conversely, negative vortexes are places in your home where no one wants to hang out, and often clutter will build up here. If someone in your home is sleeping in a negative vortex, they may experience bad dreams, nightmares, night terrors, and feelings of hopelessness and depression. A tendency towards addictions is also increased when a negative vortex exists in a home.

When your home is dowsed, the negative vortexes are either neutralized or turned to positive vortexes, which creates a higher vibrational energy in your home. Finding and curing negative vibrations in your home will transform your home. When you transform the energy of your home, you transform your life.

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Annette Rugolo
Annette Rugolo is respected worldwide as a transformation teacher, speaker, master dowser, and environmental healer. As a mentor and guide, Rugolo has been instrumental in helping people connect with other dimensions from a place of love without fear or judgment. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Annette has been transforming homes through dowsing and space clearing since 2005 and teaching classes since 2006. For more information about classes or having your home, business, or land energetically healed, call 612-605-8608 or visit AnnetteRugolo.com


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