Starcodes: January 12-18


Starcodes reading for the week of January 12-18, 2024

This is a week to accomplish, clarify our goals and figure out what step we can take next to get there. Choose a hill and take a step, achieve a small goal towards the larger goals; any sense of progress furthers. We’ll feel a lot better while climbing our mountain as Mercury joins Mars, the Sun, and Pluto in ambitious, organized Capricorn as entrepreneurial Mars forms an energizing trine to expansive Jupiter.

Capricorn’s symbol is the image of a mountain goat that can gracefully climb a mountain but looks pretty silly walking on flat terrain. The Capricorn goat is a fishtailed mer-goat; first it has to dive down to the dreamworld ocean to find a vision, then walk it up the mountain top. Martin Luther King is a powerful example of this elevated Capricorn energy, he had a dream and he walked across the country to make it so. Vison + enduring action.

This Capricorn energy can help us clarify our goals, but also make us pushy. It can enrich politics by building systems to enact a provision, take a theory and make it so. But it can also leave people strategically manipulating just for the fun of it, or depressed when they don’t have a goal or don’t feel like they’re making progress.

So if we don’t know have a big goal at the moment, take a small one. Decide to drink a glass of water and drink it. If blocked in one direction, make progress where the road is open. And if we need to rest, make that the goal and enjoy the accomplishment. Simple procedural things, minor habit improvements, all further. Capricorn loves a bit of structure as an offering towards happiness.

Capricorn can help us efficiently make plans and do so for some of the more difficult people in the world. Watch this week as we see new evidence of people’s real intentions, whether constructive or destructive. Well-meaning people may have great ideas for what we should be doing; instead of arguing with them, think of it like bullfighting. Step aside and let them run through rather than offer resistance. Stay on target; the best resistance to other people’s manipulation is to remember one’s own path.

But it’s okay to ask for help; people will feel loved if we actually help them with their project, if and when they ask for it, rather than offer suggestions that can sound like criticism.

As Mercury picks up apparent speed and clears it square to Neptune this week, traveling could get easier than it has been for the last few months, but we can still run into trouble when we hurry or are in a mood. Steady direction helps us avoid accidents of impatience.

The Aquarius Moon on Friday and Saturday can help us with meetings, collaborations, and teamwork; help a friend and share a meal. Mars trines Jupiter on Friday offering us extra energy for work and can and bring some real heroism in emergencies. But it can also feed military action.

Saturday through Monday we may feel both more self-demanding and ambitious and more sensitive as the Moon enters Pisces and Mercury enters Capricorn. We can get a little neurotic because we have high expectations of ourselves and, at the same time, feel introverted and need our feelings honored. Watch the tendency to unconsciously shift into a blaming mode to take the pressure off. Be sensitive, make progress on creative ideas, but let’s cut ourselves some slack elsewhere.

Tuesday through Thursday morning the Aries Moon cranks up our impatience and revs our motors. Aim carefully and calm down injudicious ambition. Watch the world stage now for major moves on the chessboard. Thursday encourages more stability and follow-through as Mercury sextile sane Saturn and the Moon enters durable Taurus.

We could feel some pressure to hurry up as the week progresses and the Sun approaches a conjunction to Pluto, exact next week, which can give us a real or artificial deadline. It whispers we are running out of time. Both question the deadline, is it real or is it an artificial pressure, and at the same time use that discomfort to push out of a comfort zone and into a productive risk.

starcodes week of January 12 through 18

Friday, January 12: This political day is good for meetings, assessment, negotiations; we’ll feel better working collaboratively, if somewhat impatient with the process under a collective Aquarius Moon and as motivating Mars trines expansive Jupiter. Look for impatient moment midafternoon. Tonight, we may want to find a pub or coffeehouse and share conversation. It could be a restless night so it’s good to go to bed tired.

Mars trine Jupiter 3:41 AM, Moon square Jupiter 5:28 AM.

Saturday, January 13: We can be slow off the mark this morning, with good collaborative action once we wake up. Keep the communication flowing or it can get tricky to coordinate timing and action. We move into neutral gear easily all too easily, but still feel that nagging sense that we should be doing something. Some will cry into their beer and get belligerent tonight: we’re emotional and easily opinionated as Mercury enters Capricorn and the Moon enters Pisces.

Moon sextile Venus 12:31 AM, Moon square Uranus 2:58 AM, Mercury enters Capricorn 7:49 PM, Moon enters Pisces 8:29 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 8:32 PM.

Sunday, January 14: If we wake up grumpy or in some kind of mood, let’s find a good place to put it. Pour that seriousness into meditation or some creative concentration under a focused Moon -Saturn conjunction in Pisces. Venus quincunx Uranus can make us restless feeling what we have to do what should we do about our situation Acknowledge a fear, not as a probability, but as a concern. Steer that active mind towards a balanced perspective.

Moon conjunct Saturn 3:50 AM, Venus quincunx Uranus 6:02 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 6:07 AM, Moon sextile Mars 8:40 AM.

Monday, January 15: Sensitivities heighten, we’re more aware of injustices to ourselves and others this MLK day as the Moon conjuncts and the Sun sextile empathic, idealistic Neptune. This can bring us to our ideals of social justice, or to a good nap. How we channel our dreams into this world is up to us; note the vision and ask how to make it so.

Moon sextile Uranus 3:46 AM, Moon square Venus 5:47 AM, Moon sextile Sun 1:47 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 2:30 PM, Sun sextile Neptune 5:37 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:32 PM, Moon enters Aries 9:48 PM.

Tuesday, January 16: An executive Aries Moon heats up the action over the next few days; stop talking and start doing but do so thoughtfully. Stay active and involved with important decisions, particularly around work and politics, as the chess pieces are moving – steer those decisions. Be cautious around short tempers and a few extra sparks as the Moon squares Mercury this morning and Mars in the middle of the day.

Moon square Mercury 2:04 AM, Moon square Mars 1:13 PM.

Wednesday, January 17: We move forward in fits and starts – sprints rather than marathons – but can take advantage of those bursts. Let’s watch where we’re going and not run into, or over, each other in the process. Take advantage of a collaborative moment mid-afternoon as the Moon trines Venus, and work around clashing wills tonight as the Moon squares the sun.

Moon trine Venus 1:22 PM, Moon square Sun 8:52 PM.

Thursday, January 18: The mood is more tortoise and less jumpy hare as the Moon enters stabilizing, stubborn Taurus while Mercury sextiles hard-working Saturn. An optimistic Moon-Jupiter conjunction midday helps begin and continue, and to nurture possibilities we didn’t think were there before. Approach people with practical yet delicious solutions.

Moon square Pluto 1:02 AM, Moon enters Taurus 1:11 AM, Mercury sextile Saturn 1:49 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 9:56 AM, Moon trine Mercury 10:41 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 12:05 PM, Moon trine Mars 8:25 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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