The Sentience of Your Dwelling Place: “Home” oponopono


One of my goals for writing my book Conversations with Your Home was to seed the idea that your house has had a life and history of its own before you moved in. Even if you’re the first owner, there were builders, architects, and contractors who influenced the space. So, your home brings with it its own story – situations while being constructed, global occurrences, and universal timing. If it was occupied prior to your arrival, the way it was used prior to you moving in creates chapters as well. All of these factors contribute to the spirit or consciousness of the place you call home.

home oponopono prayer

Consciousness in a home is different than consciousness as we know and observe in humans or even animals. That said, this should not be a reason to minimize the kind of life or spirit your home holds. It has a continual connection to universal order, which means there is a direct knowingness and clarity your home can provide. And we should communicate with it with this awareness in our hearts. Writing letters, speaking aloud, singing, and lighting a candle are all ways to let your home know you are acknowledging its wisdom.

Of course, implementing Feng Shui principles establishes an intimate relationship with space. And let’s not forget praying with your home.

When I first experimented with the simple ho’oponopono prayer (I am sorry; Please forgive me; I love you; Thank you), I was committed to using it for my own benefit – getting rid of a headache or backache – and without fail, after a few minutes or an hour or two or by the next day, I felt relief. I’ve used it on my cats with equal success. My plants as well. Since spatial sentience was the message in my book, the obvious question was, what about my house? Why wouldn’t I use it there also?

Instead of bemoaning a home or apartment or even a room you don’t like, what if time and energy were spent offering some positive Feng Shui adjustments as well as a prayer – apologizing for your feelings, asking for forgiveness, extending love, and being grateful? I recited the ho’oponopono prayer many, many times with my house before we moved out in January. I wanted the house to know I loved it, I was sorry to be leaving, and that we would both be okay. It was healing on all fronts.

Because the number “9” is important in Feng Shui, I would recite the prayer nine times. The move-out was flawless; the move-in by the new owners was equally flawless. I couldn’t discount the power of connecting in this way. I call it Home-oponopono.

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