Starcodes: January 19-25


Starcodes reading for the week of January 19-25, 2024

This week marks a turning point, whether it’s a soft curve or sharp angle depends on us, as the Sun conjuncts Pluto and both leave Capricorn to enter Aquarius.

We can feel an astral pressure to make a decision, to end and begin. We might feel some personal professional deadline tapping on her shoulder telling us it’s now or never. Notice a brush with mortality, and the forks in life’s road, small and large, and contemplate what could be found in each direction. Consider whether the deadline is real – and a decision needs to be made – or is it just an illusion of anxiety.

For the next few weeks, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work; what effort we put in now can build some interesting and liberating progress. Negotiations are in progress, decisions will be made, so let’s stay involved and aware. Mercury and Saturn conjunct in executive-functioning Capricorn, peaking on January 28; Jupiter and Uranus are both in Taurus and conjunct later in the spring–all in pragmatic and competent earth signs.

This lineup in earth signs can be a pragmatically ruthless combination, we can expect budget cuts here- fresh funding there- reorganizations, layoffs, and hirings. It’s up to us to keep the heart connected to the head, compassion and soul connected to that bottom line. And if we notice the desire to tell people what to do and how to fix their lives, let’s examine ourselves for the anxiety their life creates in us, and own it. They will hear our feelings much better than a list of instructions. Be particularly careful not manipulate or control, or be manipulated, in romantic relationships, it can be so tempting to do when we feel anxious or not in control. Get at the motivating insecurity underneath instead.

Friday and Saturday are practical, productive, and potentially intense as the Sun and Pluto conjunct. Invest in the work that matters and be careful around potential power struggles. Like a steady moving tank, use this muscular Sun-Pluto energy wisely. It may be the perfect time to make an extreme decision like buying a house or ending a relationship but consider if a less extreme decision takes the pressure off for the moment.

Late Saturday through Monday brings that turning point the Sun and Pluto enter Aquarius, the Moon enters Gemini, both air signs- and we need to talk about it. Look for breakthroughs in communication, conversation with an old friend or some mysterious revelation.

Next week begins on a more personal note as the Moon enters sensitive Cancer and Venus joins Mars and Mercury in determined Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn can add momentum to our creative process and can be great for architectural and design elements in our house. We may want to move furniture. We may also want to push people around, but they will be more difficult than the furniture.

The week ends with highly entertaining, high energy full Moon in Leo, a full Moon that can light up our inner world or make mountains out of mole hills. Note the craving for drama, for big stage settings and grand gestures, and take everyone’s proclamations with a grain of salt. Poor attention all the love and talent we want to grow. It’s a wonderful time to have a party.

Look for the hint of a turn in politics as the power planet Pluto shifts away from Capricornian hierarchical, control-oriented approaches towards an Aquarian voice of the demos. America crafted its Constitution- our vision statement for a healthy democracy ratified on June 21, 1789- the last time Pluto was in Aquarius. It will take the next two decades under Pluto in Aquarius to see what it will produce this cycle. Pluto enters Aquarius on Saturday, re-visits Capricorn September 1, and then November 19 shifts to Aquarius until 2043.

starcodes week of January 19 through 25

Friday, January 19: Our minds work, lines of communication open, but our hearts may be confused as mental Mercury forms a supportive trine to expansive Jupiter while heart- centered squares intuitive, dreamy, but confusing Neptune. Look at publicity or media opportunities. Consider all possibilities but be aware that our hopes and fears can distort our perception. Be willing to make practical adjustments midday as the Taurus Moon conjuncts change inducing-Uranus. The daily things may feel wonderful, but there are bigger things afoot as the Sun conjunct Pluto tonight; tend heavy hearts and discuss big issues.

Venus Mercury trine Jupiter 2:30 AM, Venus square Neptune 8:48 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 11:11 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 10:40 PM.

Saturday, January 20: Stay in the present moment and observe what’s going on around the globe. Watch for thoughts that run to worst-case scenarios and exercise the opposite muscles—what ‘s the best case and how to get there. Do not cut out more than absolutely necessary, though it can be tempting as the Sun conjuncts Pluto early this morning. Think through consequences carefully and follow through decisively. The Sun and Pluto enter Aquarius, the Moon enters Gemini, and the conversation expands. Words have consequence.

Sun conjunct Pluto 6:45 AM, Moon trine Pluto 6:56 AM, Moon trine Sun 6:57 AM, Moon enters Gemini 6:57 AM, Sun conjunct Aquarius 7:07 AM, Moon square Saturn 4:32 PM, Pluto enters Aquarius 5:56 PM.

Sunday, January 21: Reassess; there’s another crop of decisions coming up over the next few weeks but we’ve turned an astrological corner, and we may have some fresh information to consider. Talk, think, laugh, take notes, do mind maps, consider all possibilities, and enjoy each other’s company in the process. Just make sure everyone feels heard and no one monologues.

Moon sextile Chiron 12:04 PM.

Monday, January 22: Have meetings, make contacts, check in with teammates this morning under the verbal and extroverted Gemini Moon. Midday, carefully avoid misunderstandings or accidental emotional snags as that Gemini Moon, Venus in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces form a tricky T-square. Let people speak from the heart rather than try to make sense. We may pull back, easily get defensive, and need coziness after tea time as the Moon enters sensitive Cancer.

Moon square Neptune 6:21 AM, Moon opposed Venus 1:39 PM, Moon enters Cancer 2:50 PM.

Tuesday, January 23: People are touchy, pushy; layers of insecurity can make us more cranky or more manipulative than usual. Avoid telling people what to do unless asked; speak up about what is needed as the Cancer Moon opposes Mercury and Mars in Capricorn, and as Venus enters Capricorn. If we come to a new understanding of what we want, let’s put our own work into it rather than push others to help us.

Moon trine Saturn 1:14 AM, Venus enters Capricorn 1:50 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 3:12 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 1:53 PM, Moon opposes Mars 6:44 PM.

Wednesday, January 24: We’ll tend to avoid disagreements rather than wade into them because they bring up such strong feelings. Consider keeping the focus on a more comfortable goal and redirect any contentious energy. Afternoon, we may want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book or find another way to take a moment out of time as the Moon trines Neptune.

Moon sextile Uranus 3:23 AM, Moon trine Neptune 3:58 PM.

Thursday, January 25: Get out and about, this full Moon in Leo at 10:53 AM MST can bring us out of our shell and into the show. It’s a great day for celebration gathering, a social event where we can share the limelight. Some will grandstand, some angst, others will just enjoy. This full Moon highlights any tension between our needs and self-consciousness around feeling seeing versus our love and responsibilities to the people around us. Find a balance.

Moon enters Leo 12:36 AM, Moon opposes Pluto 12:52 AM, Mars squares Chiron 10:15 AM, the Moon opposes the Sun 10:53 AM, Moon square Jupiter 1:46 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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