Theresa Annette Nygard

Theresa Annette Nygard leads spiritual growth groups in the Twin Cities, and is co-founder of the Spirit Unlimited, an organization which supports the leaders, teachers and healers in the spiritual awareness movement. She can be reached at 612-270-3312,,

A Soul Shift for Sherri : Anchoring a New Life Purpose

Sherri sat in my kitchen, and gave me a litany of physical pains in her body, from head to toe, literally. They were all...

Authenticity in Every Moment

When I was in my mid-twenties, I had a dream that I was chained in a narrow causeway, hunched over, and a brother was...

As You Change and Heal, Others do so, too

Gary won't talk to Mark. Kim submits to Gary. Doug no longer speaks to Mark. Paul just recently ended his friendship with Mark. Mark's...