Question for August 2, 2010


Edge Question of the Week: What is your one wish for the world?


Scott K
“That collectively we all realize that we share the same light and sharing this light is the true answer.”

“If we could all be like these young children I noticed that played around this large swimming pool on a hot summer day. Everyone child was laughing, loving and enjoying each other no matter the color of their skin, the language they spoke, or how they looked or cared about their handicaps. I wish we could start over again as if we were these children.”

“My wish for the world is the love and cherish Mother Earth. It is such a beautiful gift. Love and take care of all that thrives here.”

Christina Rose
“My wish for humanity is that people choose to stop being victims and realize that if they claim their power and their love they can overcome the fear and doubt being used to limit us… and thereby co-create the true reality of our soul connection to the ONENESS!”

“That every person takes responsibility for their own literal and metaphorical poo!”

Laura/Param Atma
“That everyone understands their Divinity and realizes that Divinity within all.”

“That everyone stopped using cars and got back to living, working and having fun in their own community and all other outings would be special. We won’t need all that gas, we’d stop polluting as much, we won’t have stress of driving in traffic, etc, etc, etc
Scary isn’t it?!”

“That all realize we are from the same source. Thant we live in peace and love.”

“I don’t do wishes! Are you even sure where they go or if they are of any real value?
I do not hope, that is a bottomless hole!
I do not pray, that is asking another to do for me, what I once was told I am not capable of giving my Self!

“Wishing and hoping something might be possible, without knowing how it will come to be or waiting for another to deem the wish worth granting. Can you really confirm if that other really can bring it to Be?
I believe anything is possible!
It starts with ME!!
Maybe if everyone was to believe something is possible instead of hoping it will be, or wishing it might be, everything would already be different than we witness it is.
It all begins with “YOU”…stop wishing and hoping and start believing anything is possible. If you hold no doubt…even when you have not yet witnessed it, it will come to BE! Let go of the time frame for it, what ever it is you were wishing for, and begin to hold the energy that it will come to BE, when the moment is most appropriate for it!!”

Crystle and Dana
“Our wish for the world is that everybody realizes that with the POWER OF THOUGHT, we can change the mess we seem to be in. If we focus (think) on all that is ‘wrong,’ we will continue to get ‘wrong.’ If we focus (think) on how we desire it to be, that is what will manifest. We have the Power, and once we realize it, life will be phenomenal.”

“Wake Up!!!!”

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