Depression: A Spiritual Tool — Evaluating and Making Changes in Your Life


Depression often is looked at simply as an illness, a condition that is “treated,” not cured, by self-medicating with substances, or prescriptions that can elicit severe side effects. However, it is a much deeper problem. It is a symptom of the culture we now live in: an unnatural toxic lifestyle that plays a huge role in the escalation of this epidemic that research now supports.

Humans do not thrive in sedentary, isolated, or stressful lives consuming foods created by science. Depression is a powerful spiritual force meant to steer us in the “right” direction. In this article, I am going to focus on depression’s link to spirituality.

For eight years of my young adult life, I was on medication for depression, anxiety and insomnia. When I was 24, I experienced my first spiritual ascension that cleared my mind, giving me the ability to see that the problem was a spiritual issue, not a physical or mental illness. I was a psychic medium and empath without spiritual boundaries, living a life not in tune with my life purpose. I worked on disciplining my mind and getting my ego-based fear, which had been controlling every aspect of my life, under control using meditation and spiritual practice. By working on those issues, I radically changed my life from being a victim of it to creating a life I love.

When clients come to me with depression, it is not their lifestyle I focus on, although it is discussed. It is their life. I explain depression as an ingenious roadblock strategically placed into peoples’ lives as a last-ditch effort to get you to pause. It’s the Universe’s way of wanting you to stop what you are doing and evaluate your life, because something isn’t working.

When depression hits us, there is a reason for it. Maybe we are in careers that aren’t authentic to us or a relationship that is toxic. We aren’t following our life path and being true to ourselves. The Universe and our souls want us to be happy, not workhorses that follow society’s expectations and standards. We have dreams and passions so we can follow them; they are breadcrumbs to fulfill our purpose.

When faced with depression you are “uncomfortable” for a reason. It is time to reevaluate and pivot or completely change course. The Universe won’t allow us to “go the wrong way” — and this is our warning. What do you love about your life and what causes you pain?

The anxiety that often accompanies depression is based on not living in the present moment. When we live in the past, it indicates there are issues that need to be addressed and healed before we can move forward to our highest potential. Consistently worrying about the future is a need to release ego-based fear, trust in the Universe, and learn to live in the flow.

How can depression be healed using a spiritual approach? For starters, physically make a list of what is working and what inspires gratitude in your life. Practicing gratitude alone can bring huge miracles into your life (I often recommend the 21-day workbook, The Magic). Next, make a list of what is not working. Go through the list and evaluate the steps needed to alter your path in the right direction.

Start with baby steps. If you only focus on the large change itself, it will seem like an overwhelming and impossible goal. Your ego will kick in and tell you all the reasons you “can’t” succeed. Just taking steps towards your goal builds momentum and joy.

Getting an energy healing can make an amazing difference. Not only can it alleviate stress, depression and anxiety, it removes blocks, limiting beliefs, fear, and clears your mind so you can see how to move forward. Using natural remedies like herbs, oils, and crystals can bring relief, as well. Meditation has been a key pillar in many spiritual practices to help keep equanimity, mindfulness, and mental discipline, resulting in joy and balance.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by depression, learn from it. Allow yourself to stop and contemplate what it is attempting to communicate to you. View it as a spiritual tool to help you discover a more blissful life.


  1. I know this article was written in Dec of 2016 and yet here I am coming across it now in October of 2017..better late than never? lol No, really I found this article very facinating since I have and continue to suffer from Depression this day. I still suffer from it, and take 3 types of medication for it. I hope to stop these soon some time in th future when I can fully understand that it isnt just a “chemical Imbalance” but a powerful spiritual force. One thing I do need to mention that I do somewhat disagree with is the comment “Consistently worrying about the future is a need to release ego-based fear, trust in the Universe, and learn to live in the flow.” “Ego-based fear”? “Trust in the Universe?” Is that the same or equal to mean , to trust in God? And Lastly..Living in the flow? Living in the flow of the universe, like the flow of life and what comes with it….?


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