Spiritual Beings living in an Emotional Body


We are spiritual beings manifested in physical images tied to unseen spiritual and etheric energy, along with emotional attachments to thoughts and feelings. As multi-dimensional beings of mind-body-spirit, our bodies are wrapped within many levels of energy, and the energy that confuses us most — yet has ability to heal our soul — is our emotional body.

The emotional body can lead us to pain, addiction and disease. This is the energy realm that leads to turmoil in life if we do not recognize the deeper meaning of why and what we feel. There is a psychological factor attached to our emotional body, and to better understand how this fits into our multi-dimensional world we must accept that our emotional body is all about perception. It has to do with how we feel and how we respond to outside stimuli and different sensations.

As we continue through life, we become fragmented due to many different directions we tend to travel. This fragmentation begins to wear us down at a deep emotional level. It is at our weakest moments that we have to make every attempt to return to our true self.

But we often continue to move away from awareness of self, which strays us off our path. We begin to feel unwell, unable to function properly in this dense environment. Our emotional body takes a toll and begins to collapse unto itself. This takes place in a metaphoric manner and begins to manifest outwardly in how we physically carry ourselves. We begin to create the pain we believe is ours to carry, and this can lead to addiction of pain medications. If we do not return to our spiritual base we will dive deeper and deeper into emotional turmoil. By returning to our spiritual base we can begin to heal the wounds we feel at the emotional body level.

Most important in the healing process is to confront events that have integrated into our individual psyche. Perhaps something in our past deeply hurt us. Maybe our parents divorced and we were stuck in the chaos of being juggled from one house to the other. This event could easily enter our emotional body and we may find ourselves living out similar situations where there is chaos and we may not know where we will be at any given moment. That initial event continues to manifest throughout our life until we finally accept that we have to disconnect from it and heal our own life.

To heal the emotional body, we absolutely must embrace the shadows along with the light. We must embrace the emotions and accept where we are in the present moment. Ignoring emotions causes them to grow deeper and hurt more, which in turn creates the disease and addictions in our life. This state of awareness can be very uncomfortable, but we need to stay with it to be able to shift the emotional state we have been living in.

Of the multitude of books I read and researched during my own life healing moments, the one I highly recommend is You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise L. Hay. Throughout this book she helps break down the old beliefs and barriers we all carry in our emotional body. She offers guidance into discovering what is true, and what is not true, in those beliefs and explains how to heal our inner child.

Healing the emotional body can come from forgiving others, and yourself, for past events you cannot change. Standing on the platform of forgiveness is key to healing. One of the ways we can heal the emotional body is through transpersonal hypnotherapy. This is a safe process that can open the subconscious, the place where we hold many memories too difficult to deal with in our waking state.

We all want a life free of pain and addiction. By being able to heal negative emotions and move from the past into the present moment, the emotional body can finally align to our true state of being.

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Sue Mitchell Shapiro
Sue C. Shapiro, MBWP, CLC, CHt, is a life coach, hypnotherapist, writer, inspirational speaker, ordained minister, educator, and above all else, a Life Dreamer. Although her coaching style can assist anyone who feels drawn to work with her, she has noticed a much larger divine feminine following reaching out for her services. She is focused on empowering women so they know their needs matter, that they are just as important as others, and she’s busy creating interactive workshops specifically aligned to rebuilding a sense of self-compassion and self-love. She offers distance life coaching and hypnotherapy sessions, via telephone or Skype, to clients throughout the United States. She is continuing her educational pursuits to become a Transpersonal Counselor. Visit www.spiritknowslifecoaching.com or www.findingyourdivinespark.com.


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