A Pleiadian Message: Weave Your Light into the World


Beloved ones, we greet you. Within the collective Universe there is a pure vibrational frequency that has activated. This weaving of light is interacting within the collective tapestry consisting of many multidimensional colors. Within this tapestry you have your own unique signature of colored thread that is unlike any other. You are an individual interwoven aspect of light that makes up the completion energy within the vastness held within of the God consciousness collective.

As you align, you bring your own special gift within this completed tapestry of communion forward to humanity.

This is your time to shine forth your unique weave of light into the world by bringing the natural element of love, an essential part of your makeup, into your day-to-day life. As you bring your essence forward, you are rejoining this communion through the natural component of the vast love of your Higher Self.

Profound opportunities
This phase of change creates profound opportunity, as the Corridor of Light anchors another facet of multidimensional energy on Earth. The veils have lifted further, and this expansive opening is active and fully accessed through your heart space. All that is required from you is the conscious choice action of shifting your focus towards your heart.

By choosing differently and beginning to align consciously through your heart, you reposition yourself to align energetically with your Higher Self. You begin to alter your journey onto another path. By moving through the open doorway that exists within your heart, your alignment is naturally forged to the multidimensional aspect of your Higher Self.

Up to this juncture in this lifetime, this doorway has not been made as accessible, however the timing is right within your destiny. This is your time to self-realize your divine right and for the discovery of a self-realization of your sacred path.

Your main reality has been living through the direct experience of your limited human aspect within the 3rd-dimensional illusion, and you have been within this limited experience of yourself for lifetimes. Now is the time to begin to utilize this other part of your self. Open into the true fulfillment of your own heart by reclaiming your destiny and bringing added enrichment to your life by moving into the wholeness of yourself.

Your sacred nature
The aspect of your sacred nature, which is unlimited in potential, has been waiting for you fully intact just beyond the veils. There is nothing that you are required to change within your self, within your humanness, to begin to relink into this sacred Higher Self. The steps are simple for you to initiate this process and reach beyond the veils.

The Corridor of Light’s main role at this juncture is to anchor a pathway for you to consciously walk towards the reconnection to your sacred nature. Through the energetic changes from this anchoring of the Corridor of Light, the veils have lifted, giving you an easier access to the sacred elements that are yours by divine right to claim and utilize. This pathway is designed to lead you homeward, to renew many levels of reconnections to your Higher Self.

A series of new multidimensional energetic spaces make up Earth, all of these birthed at the time of New Year when the Corridor of Light initially anchored on the planet. Through these dramatic energetic changes, you have been given an easy access beyond the veil. This has been the design: self-empowerment to enable you to consciously realign to the multidimensional setting of your higher aspect of Self.

This is your time to take another step towards self-realization within the new energetic framework. The veils are fluid, making the way clear for you to open to the pure essence of your God light, which holds the love of your spirit. We are with you to support you in your transition, to bring to you clarity of this time and to guide you back to your natural state of remembering.

Choose change
A strong alchemy exists within your vast love. As you reengage and bring the love outwards into your life, transformation will be created around you. Each moment you choose to align through the vastness of your heart, your cells reflect this changing arena that you are entering.

This component is paramount: that you consciously choose change for yourself. With every moment of reconnection, an old cycle is broken. The cells of your body mirror this change. Every time you bring your awareness and breath into your heart, you begin to open the doorway and activate a path to access your multidimensional magic of love. Love heals all wounds and transcends the elements of fear and struggle that arise from the ego mind. You will begin to experience another reality based on truth as you forge and anchor this pathway within your heart.

The frequency within your heart is love, the most holy element of your makeup. This love is a multidimensional expression, which means that you can move effortlessly beyond the limitation imposed by the ego mind, the 3rd-dimensional illusion. And you can align to a higher consciousness state of Self, which can carry you into a more expanded experience of living.

Vibration of love
Love transforms the physical cells so they become the vibration of love, which creates a higher nutritional energy to birth within each cell. A process is activated within the cells, allowing for a natural shedding of emotionally held density within each cell as the love flows throughout your physical body. This is the process of you birthing you. Remember, we have said many times that “you are who you have been waiting for!”

The plan all along has been for you to be the one to initiate your own birthing process through the vastness of your own heart. This is the action in motion of your self-liberation as you align through your heart.

We are holding the platform for each one of you to individually transform within your own heart. We are reflecting the love to you, creating a mirroring of your own vast light back to you.

Many of you on the path are ready to move within this direct experience of accessing your frequency of love. The love is filled with fluid light and you can move this love consciously within the light of your self and radiate the love to your human aspect. This brings renewal through the love, and enables unconditional acceptance of your humanness, transforming your life.

A process of transmutation takes place as you begin to open to the vibration of the love that you hold within your makeup. This love has been a missing component in your life until now. Utilizing the essence of your love within your heart consciously is the key to healing deep wounds that have been lodged within your human element.

Clarity and understanding
Within the multidimensional makeup of your heart is an unlimited source of clarity and understanding to support you in your life now. Through the clarity you move differently in your world. The drama is not perpetuated, the struggle is not present and the suffering of the human element shifts. This is because the love from the Higher Self carries no judgment, only compassion and patience for the human aspect. This non-judgmental love brings a sense of peace and rest to the human element.

A conscious choice action by you to begin to realign to the path home within your heart for reconnection will shift the old sabotaging cycles, which have been perpetuated through your life. This allows you to be enriched and be able to receive and manifest that which is your heart’s desire in your world. This love nourishes you, all of you, supporting your human aspect, as well. The love opens up new paths of opportunity within your life as it creates a flow that can support the manifestation of your heart’s desire.

Know that truth holds simplicity and there is always a solution to any situation within your life as you align through your heart you access truth. The truth offers an understanding of the situation without the drama. Within your heart you will discover solutions for your life presenting itself to you effortlessly. Within truth a problem resolves, with surprising ease, and often with the most unexpected possibilities presenting themselves.

The next step
The energies of Mother Mary and Christ are committed to working directly with those of you who are ready to participate in this next step. They will stay steadfast alongside you in order for you to follow a lit pathway back to the complete multidimensional aspects of your nature. Remember, Mother Mary carries the effortless receivership of love and Christ holds the self-resurrection energy for humanity. Together, they collectively will bring their essence to those of you who are willing to commit to this self-transformation.

Ask yourself if you are ready to say “Yes!” to all aspects of your Self. Are you ready to investigate the sacred part of your self and move into wholeness once more? And move back into a state of balance within, to a place of knowing and being?

Ultimately, you have free will and are able to stay exactly with your human experience. However, we would ask, why would you want to ignore the larger part of yourself? There is a huge gift waiting for you within your heart space and there is opportunity to open up and receive all that you need to thrive on this planet.

You will always have your humanity intact, for nothing will ever change that aspect of yourself. Aligning to the sacred aspect of Self will bring to you a new perspective within life that will enhance your experience on Earth and support your human experience. This doorway to your heart will always remain open so you can activate this reconnection to your sacred when you are ready.

There is a process that will support this activation of reconnection through your heart. Be conscious that this activation happens solely within your energetic multidimensional framework. This is you entering your multidimensional heart and accessing your Higher Self. This process is “you birthing you” within the vastness of your own pure light form of love. Claim this truth consciously as you choose to move into this next phase of your enlightenment.


1. Rest both palms of hands on your chest. Feel the physical connection and bring your awareness into this connection. Bring your conscious breath (in through the mouth, out through the mouth) like a soft wind and place it where the connection is taking place. Keep using the breath until you feel your awareness linking deeper and deeper within the space.

2. As you take these steps, consciously claim your heart. Witness yourself choosing this path, the way of the heart. Claim this step you are taking.

3. Now bring your awareness deeper within the space, open up your awareness like a flower would open to the sun. Breathe and let go within the space of your heart. Now bring the sound, VAHM EEE (pronounced varm eee) within the opening of the heart. Utilize the sound until you see, sense or feel the forming of a pathway. It may just be the beginning of a path, and that’s okay.

The important element here in this process is that you stay focused with your awareness when you activate your heart opening, whether it is for one moment or 10 minutes. What is key is your active and conscious participation while you are doing this process.

Make this process something you do regularly. Maybe you will do this once a day, or three times a week or even once a week. Know that each time you activate this process within you it creates change, opening the doorway within your heart, and it is accumulative every time you work the process.

We witness you as you activate your birthing process. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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