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My spiritual call began when I was born. For as long I can remember, I’ve had visions, highly developed senses, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, you name it. None of that interested me. I mean none. Why would it? There is a nice, little, yellow building on a nice little island near my hometown with a sea view (it is a really nice view) where they put people like me. At least that was my first impression.

As time went by, I dedicated my life to be as normal as possible. I made friends, talked about normal daily matters, finished high school, got accepted to university in economics, met a well-behaved man with a great future and went on with my life. I was eager to grow up as soon as possible — to get a job, to have a husband and kids and be a professional — that even my degraded health didn’t set off an alarm.

However, by my 19th birthday my most intimate relationship was with antibiotics and doctors. We were celebrating our 4th anniversary that included a non-stop list of treatments, including quite a long list of antibiotics, two minor operations, and at least a hundred test results showing some kind of imbalance, especially in my urinary tract or respiratory system. My reaction? None. Let’s all be grateful that medical records are digital so my doctor didn’t have to buy an extra closet for my records.

Days went by, my health was getting worse, normal functioning was a long-lost memory but life went on — until, as it usually works out, I found myself in my first Thetha healing workshop. How and why I attended I can’t really remember. All I know is that my head was buzzing, my hands were as cold as ice and all I heard were some old wives’ tales about God, love and healing. Please take me out of here, would you?

But it was my turn to try to do digging on some lady and in 20 minutes she was crying tears of joy, thanking me for helping her out. I liked that. Not that I knew what I was doing, but it did feel nice. Of course, I didn’t allow any work to be done on me, but hey, one step at a time.

So I kept on going to workshops and eventually started a Theta healing basic DNA course. Worst. Weekend. Ever. Long story short: I experienced total purification, questions started to pop up, my life changed entirely, my health is extraordinary, I’ve read hundreds of books (thank you my good friend ePub) on energy healing, neuropsychology, NLP methods, PEAT method, yoga, mindfulness, evolution, you name it — and I live an enlightened life.

Fast-forward six years later. The most common trap of self-development is the belief that it is hard and complicated and an unbelievably expensive process. Not really.

Simplicity, my friends, is my first and most basic rule. Did you know that it takes you two minutes (yes, 120 seconds) to completely change your current mood? Did you know that a simple action as walking can reprogram your brain? Yeah, neither did I. Until now.

So, to simplify it even further, if you want to change, get out of your bed, your chair (now is a great time), stand up and put your hand in the air. Set your stopwatch on two minutes, and in your mind’s eye recreate the best day of your life. Invite those pictures, smell those sounds, hear those voices and let those feeling drown you. Let your body get in that posture. Now hold it for two minutes.

How did that go? Even the bathroom in your office is a suitable place to do it (I know, because I do it all the time). And while walking to that bathroom, think about your feet. Not about your location, or your daily task, but only about your feet. Just feel them in contact with the ground. Concentrate on every inch of your feet and just be amazed with that wonderful power and wisdom of your body. Try that on every possible occasion.

How can it be that simple? As you probably noticed by now, our thoughts are not always our best buddies to rely upon. So give yourself a break. Give yourself time to, first of all, forget. Forgetting is a process of reevaluating information we received during a day and creating meaningful connections in our brain that helps us figure out a given situation. That’s why our dreams usually give us more adequate results than an entire day of thinking.

The second big piece of information is that our brain does not know the difference between imagination and reality. It really doesn’t. So give yourself the time of your life without being part of Dirty Dancing cast. Yes, you can have the most stressful meeting planned, but your brain doesn’t have to know it. You can easily convince yourself that the meeting is easy-breazy conversation over cocktails and actually get things done without stress eating up all of your abilities and virtues.

Simplicity, my friends. Most of the great discoveries were accidents and not the result of “all nighters.” You hardly hear anyone saying, ” I was so stressed out and my life was getting better.” It’s usually the other way around. You’ll always have work to do to improve yourself and your life, and there will always be traumas that resurface in the most inconvenient moment ever, but help is here — inside of you, around you — and you can use it whenever and wherever you need it.

Just give yourself a moment to find it and don’t hesitate to ask. Two minutes a day and several steps away.


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