A Pleiadian Message: A Profound Evolutionary Transition is Coming


Beloved ones, we greet you. There is a rapid evolutionary transition about to take place on your planet. This time heralds in a profound new phase on your Earth plane. You are going to enter into a more tumultuous time within the human experience of 3rd dimensional drama, and simultaneously, you will be moving through a life-changing transition within your sacred multidimensional nature.

The full energetic of planet Earth and your personal unique energetic framework are about to move through an intense repositioning. There will be a metamorphic shift within your personal energetic systems coinciding with the opening of a high-frequency, multidimensional grid within the planet.

A profound new energetic cycle is going to be set in motion and it will propel itself within the environment of Earth throughout the month of August. Through a series of magnetic core shifts, a direct pathway of alignment will be forged to the sun. These formed connections will set in motion deep transformative shifts by mid-month. They will strongly impact the planet’s energetic configurations, and there will be a releasing of a series of veils. These openings will maneuver the energetic grids to a sacred configuration throughout the Earth plane, naturally aligning and birthing a communion, activating a series of pulses of light communication between Earth and your resident Universe.

Your planet is going to be moved to a higher dimensional setting at the time of this repositioning, which is designed to ultimately move you into a deeper alliance with the Universal communion pulse that has always been in existence. Up to this juncture, Earth has been an intrinsic part of this “pulse.” Now Earth will be moved quickly into a higher dimensional resonance to participate and play a more complete energetic aspect within this communion setting, which is made up of several vibrational light pulse forms.

New chamber
By mid-August, further adjustments within the magnetic core of the planet will activate a deepening of inner alignment within your heart; a new chamber within your heart will be unveiled and made active. This new chamber is designed to interact intimately within an alignment to the sun’s rays. It will allow the sun’s rays to naturally illuminate your sacred heart; picture the sun’s rays streaming from within the chamber of your heart and flowing outwards. We liken this process to witnessing your heart open up like a bud of a flower as it opens and interacts with the sun’s rays. In some way your heart will hold an extension of the essence of the sun. Your heart is about to transform, moving into a new transmutation phase of awakening.

There is an ongoing destiny call that is and has been moving outwards to those of you on the path. There is the strong call for you to let go on a different level than ever before. This calling is coming in the form of a frequency, a vibration of light, which is beckoning you, leading you into a role that you have already pre-agreed to play. Your heart has the potential to open up into a new world of reality, revealing to you Truth that will allow you to live from a different perspective and flourish in your day-to-day lives.

Your ego mind will not understand any aspect of this process that is about to be revealed to you within your heart. Expect this and know that the ego mind cannot interfere with your process in any way. You can anticipate this lack of understanding to be part of your ongoing human experience. During this time frame you must continue to open up and let go, allowing your awareness to be moved deeper within the terrain of your Higher Self reconnections within your heart.

Brilliant relationship
As a part of humanity, you will go through a transitional realignment of consciousness. As you dimensionally and energetically are repositioned within your heart, you are birthed into a brilliant, aligned relationship within the sun’s rays. At this juncture your hearts will be able to form new conscious bonds with each other. There will be recognition of each other’s heart frequency, from your heart to another. This is going to allow an acceleration of the forming of groups, partnerships coming together and being able to move beyond the human trait of separation. These changes within the heart chamber will allow successful communities to form. Through this communion connection within your hearts, you will be able to develop community alliances through telepathic communion.

There is much to celebrate as you take this next step forward on your path. Know that each one of you is being held and supported as you choose to breathe, let go and be in the moment within this vast changing landscape of your sacred heart. This time is about you being willing to open to a deeper transition within your own multidimensional makeup that will be accessed within your heart. The sun’s role is to illuminate and then hold a mirror steady within, allowing a re-definition of your light nature, enabling you to glimpse the sacred.

The illumination of the sun’s rays is designed to flow within the brain, creating potent openings within the telepathic center. These openings will enable you to realign your consciousness to the collective communion pulses held within the Universe. You will develop and work with the Universal community through the re-establishment of your telepathic connections, which will fulfill further aspects of your mission.

Shine forth
This is your time to shine forth your unique brilliance, to allow the opening of yourself on another level, to feel and discover the wonderment of your heart’s illumination. This is the time for magic to be revealed to your Self. This time is about you, no one else. This is your sacred pathway being opened, revealed to you, by you. You get to choose a moment in time to be in a state of stillness within your own heart as your awareness opens into the illuminated space of your heart through the sun’s rays.

With this metamorphic process close at hand, it is imperative that you begin a more focused, consciously aligned pathway within your heart. Take moments now to actively choose, to birth a series of building blocks by bringing your awareness within your heart cells for conscious alignment.

You are being asked to commit to individual moments of stillness within your day, to prepare, and to allow, the path to be established for you to receive a higher perspective of your sacred nature.

You can achieve this by the simple process: holding your heart and consciously choosing to open your awareness within the space of your heart. Always place your palms on your chest area, and bring your awareness to your heart. Feel the physical connection, of your hands on your chest, and then bring your conscious breath to that physical connection. Breathe and let go into that connection.

Conscious breath
Remember, the Conscious Breath says, “Yes, I am willing to let go” and “Yes, I am willing to receive my light.” The letting go aligns you deeper to this physical connection. Witness how you begin to enter the energetic space of your own heart. Whether you see, sense or feel the essence of your heart does not matter. What matters most is that you are creating a building block, a step, a pathway to your heart. This is a simple, natural step-by-step process. Each breath is you consciously choosing to connect to your heart.

You can achieve this because your heart is ready for this next step. This is the time to create and open up to your Self in a different way. You are ready to receive and open up to this other element of your sacred nature. The time is right for you to receive. This process is about you receiving you!

Choosing to be still and aligning to your heart is automatically changing the old cycles in your life. As you hold your heart, the past cycles of self-sabotage can fall away and you will never be the same again. You are re-patterning the brain as you link within your heart in this way.

Remember, each moment is multidimensional. This means that there are unlimited experiences that you can receive in any ordinary, given moment. You can reach within the moment and move into a deepening experience of your heart’s multidimensional connections.

Process: Activating The Sun within
Your Heart, Creating the Link

Note: This process is to be done after August 14:

1. Hold your palms of your hands to your chest.

2. Bring your awareness to where you are physically connecting to your chest.

3. Connect to your heart using the conscious breath (inhale through the mouth, exhale through the mouth) and let go into the space.

4. Stay physically connected to the heart, chest area while you open your awareness to the sun.

5. Move your awareness towards the sun with your eyes closed. Be still. Breathe and let go within the energy of the Sun. Remember, the sun has a consciousness, an energy all its own.

6. Bring your awareness deeper within the experience of being with the sun, whether you see, sense or feel the essence of the sun. Breathe right into the experience, and let go.

7. Bring the sound right into where you find yourself. Sound ELTAH (pronounced el tar ).

8. Feel yourself going deeper within the sun’s essence. Breathe, let go within the space. Now use the sound again, ELTAH. Use the sound again, ELTAH.

9. Now breathe and let go and bring your awareness gently, slowly into your hands on your heart. Feel the essence of the sun begin to flow within your heart cells.

10. Bring your sound, ELTAH, right into your chest area and feel a deepening of the link of the sun’s rays coming into the heart cells.

11. Use your conscious breath. Bring it right into your heart cells, like a soft wind. Breathe and let go.

12. Let your awareness move deeper within the heart cells, the whole chest area, just be in your experience. Feel the essence that is here.

13. Bring the sound, ELTAH, right into your heart space. Feel the essence of the sun flow deeper within the heart.

14. Use the conscious breath and let go into the space that you find yourself.

15. Open up your awareness within the space and breathe, and feel the space expand.

Each time you complete this process, you reposition yourself on yet another level. This is your time to shine forth the light rays from the inner chamber of your heart and be witnessed.

You are by nature a magical being, made from love. Your capacity to shine is unlimited and the sun’s role is to support you by acting as a mirror, reflecting to you your own brilliance. This is the time for further revelations of your Self to be unearthed. You are the only one who can unveil yourself to you.

Remember, “You are who you have been waiting for.” We witness you in your unveiling! Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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