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Tarot from Conscience (or the Traveling Moth)

A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of GroupTarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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I’m writing from in front of my altar,

enjoying the candlelight being amazingly still. Rather than flickering in my purple cut class holders, they have a bit of a pulse or gentle sway. I find it soothing, which I appreciate, as I am not going to get everything that I wanted to done before I drive to New Mexico Tuesday.

I’m working on making peace with that; I’m moderately successful, trying to shift out of “failure” and into “possibility” mentality.

Of course I’ll be traveling with cards. Times and date locations are on my Instagram and on the 13th, I’ll be modifying #13for13 to #13four, live on Group Tarot’s YouTube channel with one of the new decks gifted to me by these lovely folks at The Edge Magazine. As the name suggests, rather than pull 13 cards – which was quite the length of time! – I’ll be pulling four. Time TBD, but probably on the later side as I’ll be starting some early birthday celebrations with my parents at the Grand Canyon that day. It’s easier for me to be with the cards after Dad’s gone to bed.

Today, one of my old decks called out to share Card of the Week, Shakespeare’s Oracle by Cynthia von Buhler an A. Bronwyn Llewellyn. The name is a bit of a misnomer, as it’s definitely a tarot deck rather than an oracle deck, however, all of the pip cards include quotes from Shakespeare on them, and all the cards include quotes in the book, which may be the reason for this name. “To Thine Own Self Be True” and “Oh woe is me to see what I have seen” have been on my altar this week, up until I added them back and shuffled for this week’s card,

Lord of Scepters
Richard Plantagenet

Mmmm… we’re back again to fire. Makes me want another fire in my fireplace!

Our Lords (in all bodies, with all sex/gender combinations) are feistier than our Kings (from a few weeks back)

In this deck rather than have Pages and Knights, we have Lords and Ladies.

Yes, yes, very binary, and queer it up however is right for you! Or draw up some healthy masculine energy – direct, bold, charismatic, confident – into your unique body. Notice what changes, notice what stays the same. Allow this practice to follow you this week and do leave a comment with what you notice! I’d love to hear.

This is a card of fire, burning brightly, being in alignment with your values and acting accordingly; working, living and playing vigorously. Bombastically.

I’m sure Shakespeare and the accompanying book has more to say and add here… please enjoy a tasty beverage or cheese plate while I do a spot of research…

Ring, bells, aloud; burn, bonfires, clear and bright,
To entertain Great England’s lawful king.
Ah! sancta majestas, who would not buy thee dear?
Let them obey that know not how to rule;
This hand was made to handle naught but gold.
I cannot give due action to my words,
Except a sword or sceptre balance it:
A sceptre shall it have, have I a soul…

– Henry VI Part 2 (5.I.3-10)

Mmmmm… the balance of the sceptre – tool of rulership – and the sword, a tool of battle and kichenry in its smaller knife form, or harvesting – which is the energy of much of the Northern Hemisphere. Getting in the last of the harvests before Winter sets in.

Although some traditions say that any foods on the vine and tree after Samhain should stay as gifts for the fae…

To note, Shakespeare’s Oracle does not have Swords, rather it has Quills – for Shakespeare and many others, the pen is mightier than the sword.

Consequently, in this deck, the really direct action is in the Sceptres/Rods/Fire.

Mmmm… direct action… I’m about to be traveling down through lands of some of my previous direct actions saving Redwoods…

Don’t be afraid to take action this week. To go new places, share your work and achievements. Defend your values. This card also cautions false hubris. Richard Plantagenet thought he should be King and that he had a greater claim to the throne after the death of Henry V.

Just because your claim for something is valid doesn’t invalidate other’s claims; they may have just as valid, albeit different, claims. This may be incredibly pertinent if you find yourself in inheritance or negotiation situations this week. Is whatever it is really worth going to war over? It’s an honest question that may want a few more cards pulled.

I am struck by the rose our Lord carries in his/their teeth. There is an element of romance, virility, and passion. Riding boldly forward, remembering the softness of the petals – maybe to graze a lover’s body, maybe as a gift.

It is quite fascinating that it’s a red rose.

Red roses were the color for the Lancasters during the War of the Roses. White roses were the color for York during the War of the Roses. Richard Plantagenet was the Duke of York, yet with a red rose instead of a white!

Maybe a subliminal symbol to reach out to your enemies, to find something to love about them even when you disagree. Or to make peace promptly if your temper flares and lashes out, as this one’s temper is like to do. Or make love not war…

Take a breath, go for a walk or ride to clear your head, then return realigned.

More about the deck’s creator – and

To purchase this deck – It’s a pricey one! I had no idea it’s gone up in price so much! As much as I love the deck, I completely understand if this is not in your pricepoint. As always try a local brick and mortar first.

Further recommended reading – Anything by Shakespeare. Because that’s kinda this deck’s jam. I was an oddball and read King John first, but really, just choose one. Having Cliff notes or watching a movie version – or seeing some local live theatre masked and vaxxed up! – are great options. Shakespeare is meant to be spoken and heard, rather than read.

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