Diatomaceous Earth & Borax: Two Unusual Natural Health Remedies

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I’ve been deeply studying various aspects of natural medicine for just a little over 14-years and energy medicine practices for over 2 decades. I have to say there are quite a few odd and unusual remedies that are used, often with some pretty amazing results when called for. One of the most interesting I would say is probably from Ayurvedic Medicine and bathing in or getting a massage with cow urine. Another one is what some of my clients have dubbed “Dirt Water” or utilizing Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE). The other one I find fascinating is Borax, a common household cleaner. All of the “Unusual Natural Health Remedies” I’ll be talking about are ones I’ve personally tried, so sadly we’re not going to be going in-depth about the cow urine, that might have to be on next year’s docket.

Diatomaceous EarthWith both of these, DE and Borax, you will want to do your own research as when called for and used appropriately, are amazing. DE is commonly known as a natural insecticide but in branches of natural medicine is sometimes used for hair, skin, nail, joint/bone health as well as detoxing. DE is a negatively charged material, and when ingested starts working very quickly drawing to it positively charged items like bacterias, protozoa, pesticides, heavy metals, fungus/mold, chopping up parasites and killing them, and more. A common application is utilizing 1 teaspoon mixed with a large glass of water and drinking on an empty stomach. It is done for 10-days on, then 10-days off. With the on days, you’ll want to make sure to be drinking a fair amount of water. Another application which is said to be good for helping to remineralize the teeth and helping guard against plaque buildup (the bacteria that causes plaque buildup, periodontal and gum disease is positively charged) is by taking 1 tablespoon mixed with a small amount of water, enough to swish (don’t gargle) comfortably (make sure not to breath this in while mixing) for about 30-seconds, then brush your teeth as normal.

BoraxBorax, composed of Sodium, Boron, Oxygen and Hydrogen, is commonly known as a general household cleaner. Borax has been said to be beneficial for a wide range of things like collagen production and general skin health, bone health like in osteoporosis, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disorders, Candida overgrowth, mold/fungus issues, ringworm, tinea versicolor, Lupus, calcium deposits, periodontal disease and so much more. Additionally, Boron helps to support DHEA production, which declines as we age. One Folk Medicine remedy for general health and wellbeing is taking a small amount of Borax (⅛ tsp for biological females and ¼ tsp for biological males) combined with a small amount of boiling hot water, shake, then after dissolved add more water to get to 1 liter of water and sip throughout the afternoon. If you’re not feeling adventurous doing this internally, you can add 2 to 4 teaspoons in your bath water and soak for 20+ minutes.

As always, do your own research before trying anything. If you have any “Unusual” Natural Health Remedies you’d like us to talk about, please reach out and let us know. We do have most of the year already filled up with some pretty amazing natural remedies, but I do enjoy find out and trying new things, if called for.

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SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT
SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT is one of the owners of Psinergy Natural Health and Holistic Wellness. He is a holistic health practitioner in the state of Minnesota and is a Certified Colorpuncturist,. SchaOn has also studied Ayurveda, Brainspotting (Phase 1, 2, and 3), Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis, I Ching Therapies, Crystal Therapies, Sound therapies, Dream Therapies, Infra-Red Pain Therapies, Ancestral Trauma Release Work and others. SchaOn stays very active within the holistic health community of the Twin Cities. He is the President/Chair for the Advisory Board for the Integrative Health & Healing Degree program at Anoka-Ramsey Community College, organizer for the Twin Cities Energy and Holistic Workers group (over 1,100 members combined), was an Editorial Board Advisor for The Brain Health Magazine, was Vice-Char for the Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association, just to name a few things. To find out more about Esogetics or SchaOn, or to find a Colorpuncturist in your area, visit his website psinergyhealth.com or call 612-217-4325.


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