See your dreams clearly with the rare August Blue Moon


August saw its first full moon on the 1st, when we have a second full moon in the same month it’s called a Blue Moon which will be on the 30th. A Blue Moon is the second full moon in one month, a typical lunation consists of 29.5 days. This would make us think that Blue Moons happen often, but they occur once every two to three years. Making them a rarity and fascinating humanity throughout the ages. The Blue Moon is not any bluer than any other full moon. You may have heard the saying “Once in a blue moon,” insinuating that the thing happening was very rare.

August blue sturgeon moon

August 30th will bring us the Blue Sturgeon Moon in Pisces, and it’s a terrific time to focus on out of the box ways to express your creativity and increase your prosperity if you can incorporate water all the better. The water sign Pisces offers a chance to tap into your intuition and emotions and lets you see your dreams clearly. Creating Moon Water on a Blue Moon gives you very special lunar water, but water created on the Blue Sturgeon Moon will also carry energy that will connect and assist you in seeing new ways of achieving those dreams.

To create Moon Water, you will need a cleansed jar with lid. Fill the jar with clean water, put the lid on tight and place it outside where it can be bathed in moonlight. I like turning my jar upside down so the lid doesn’t block any light. Leave the jar out during the night, it’s best to bring the jar in before the sun comes up. You can store the jar in a dark place until you need the water. If saving this water for later, it’s best to label it with the date and the Moon Name.

Using Moon Water can be as diverse as you want, it can be used for cleansing items or added to your bath, it can be given to plants or you can drink it by adding it to teas or any other drink, spraying your surroundings with moon water when meditating is also a great idea. It can also be used in any ritual or spell work.

I have more detailed instructions and label sheets on my website

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