Starcodes: August 25-31


Starcodes for the week of August 25-31 2023

A secret of retrograde season in a quote from Facebook – “I apologized for not finishing my main task of the day,” and they responded “Yes, but how many side quests did you get done along the way?” Appreciate those side quests particularly with Mercury retrograde from August 23 through September 16.

Stay flexible this odd week. Keep all schedules loose and expect the unexpected as we head into the heights of retrograde season as Uranus joins Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, and Pluto all appearing to back up in the sky.

This is a great time to introspect, tell our stories and come to understand one another. Mull over our part in how things have played out, whether we’re thinking of a difficult romance or changing climate, not to beat ourselves up, as that will not further, but to choose better actions in the future. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is one definition of crazy. Learn from the past and the present to prepare for the future.

The Sun, Mercury, Mars are all now in Virgo, and Virgo’s gift is the sorting of seeds, sort seeds we want to eat, save the best for future crops, and toss the rest to the animals. Virgo rules the guts whose job is to sort how to best absorb nutrients and get rid of the waste. Play with that metaphor through all of life.

Also with these planets retrograde, let the unusual experiences, moments off the schedule, whether a passing storm or sudden connection, which bring new ideas, a chance for a different perspective. Make the most of those moments that stretch the soul.

During this retrograde season we can back into our future; we may need a new truck or phone but probably won’t invest until the old one breaks down. These retrogrades can help speed that process along. But if our brains feel like there filled with pollen and dust, and it hard to get our life in gear, let’s cut ourselves some slack and take this moment of rest.

But it would be great to remember it’s still summer and connect with the natural world or get out to a festival as the weekend begins under a curious, upbeat Sagittarius Moon, though we could get cranky or impatient in our intimate relationships unless we’re thoughtful as Venus irritatingly semi-squares Mars.

Over the weekend and industrious Capricorn Moon brings a focused industriousness which helps us get ready for the fall. Sunday asks us to be the grown up in the room as the sun opposes Saturn and calls for maturity and a return to organization. Action-oriented Mars leaves Virgo and enters Libra which lower our crankiness level and bring up about what’s fair and right.

Monday brings changes as Uranus retrogrades under a collaborative Aquarius Moon; him and ultimately spin in place or flashback to the past. Then we need to slow down and deal with a surfeit of emotions under a full Moon in Pisces on Wednesday. Let’s take that retrograde review session within, to the realms of our relationships, our sense of purpose, and our connection with spirit under a full Moon in Pisces on Wednesday as Mercury quincunx Chiron. Release the seeds we don’t need and treasure those which will grow wonderful new crops in the future.

starcodes week of August 25 through 31Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Friday, August 25: Like a kid getting ready to enter the next year of school, we are called to mature, may be thinking about what is appropriate for this new stage of our lives and wonder where we’re going to take it from here. Tap into an undercurrent of kind humor to lighten the load while the Sagittarius Moon trines Venus in Leo and Chiron in Aries. Look for some new beauty to appreciate. Just watch a little relational irritation; trust that another’s rhythms may not work with ours but still be totally appropriate for them. It’s a great night together with others under the stars.

Moon trine Venus 3:26 AM, Venus semi-square Mars 2:02 PM, Moon square Mercury 4:42 PM.

Saturday, August 26: Don’t stop people on a roll. This is a staging day; deal with school supplies, curriculum questions, drawer reorganization as the Moon in Capricorn trines the Virgo Sun. Repair and complete; we’re not quite up to going anywhere just yet but can get our ducks in a row.

Moon square Neptune 1:49 AM, Moon square Mars 5:56 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 7:05 AM, Moon trine Sun 12:38 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 1:39 PM.

Sunday, August 27: Instead of the depression/exhaustion as the sun opposes serious Saturn, tap Into Saturn’s competence and determination. Mars enters Libra, softens a recent edgy brittleness and encourages our passion for fairness, social justice, and affection. We can feel the changes in the wind, may see a few signs of autumn arriving.

Sun opposed Saturn 2:28 AM, Mars enters Libra 7:19 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:57 AM, Moon trine Mercury 6:00 PM, Moon trine Uranus 9:21 PM.

Monday, August 28: Communicative cooperation will be essential to roll with this odd, quirky day where unexpected things happen as Uranus retrogrades under an interactive Aquarius Moon. Pay extra attention to avoid mechanical or electrical mishaps as Uranus retrogrades. People may feel disjointed, hard to get on a roll in, expect interruptions; prioritize collaboration rather than accomplishment.

Moon sextile Neptune 3:29 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 5:48 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 8:31 AM, Moon trine Mars 9:39 AM, Uranus turns retrograde 8:38 PM.

Tuesday, August 29: Morning could bring social awkwardness, off kilter timing. With any sign of tension check for misunderstandings as the Moon opposes Venus, squares Jupiter and Uranus. Note a pattern forming, though it may not be the one planned. Midday eases, though projects and chores are easier to accomplish if drop our schedule and roll with what’s possible and let go of what we thought we were about to do.

Moon opposes Venus 4:56 AM, Moon square Jupiter 9:11 AM, Moon square Uranus 9:04 PM.

Wednesday, August 30: We can feel easily overwhelmed by life if we look at the whole picture at once. Chunk it down, deal with one issue. Feelings erupt and memories flow as the Moon waxes full in Pisces tonight at 7:37 PM MDT; let those feelings roll through like a healthy river. Prioritize kindness. Let old pieces of soul shrapnel ease out as Mercury quincunx Chiron. Don’t take every sense or sentiment too seriously but do listen for clues as to what the soul truly needs.

Moon enters Pisces 7:56 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 1:32 PM, Mercury quincunx Chiron 5:55 PM, Moon opposes the son 7:35 PM.

Thursday, August 31: On this last day of August feel the precipice between seasons. Go softly with one another, prioritize emotional understanding versus logic as the Pisces Moon opposes Mercury; it may not make sense but may be just right anyway. Continue to deal with one conundrum at a time.

Moon sextile Jupiter 8:24 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 1:28 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 8:19 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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