Starcodes: August 10-17


Starcodes for the week of August 10-17, 2023

Enjoy the best and worst of Leo as Venus conjuncts the sun over the weekend and we prepare for a new Moon in Leo this Wednesday morning.

At Leo’s worst, expect political bombast and ego clashes in the streets and ex-partners who show up to prove they are not wrong one more time. Dramatic weather events can look like a badly-produced disaster movie. We may even have trouble getting out of our own way.

At Leo’s best, our hearts warm up and spill over in gracious generosity. We come to know what we truly care about and can help each other with this overflow in our lives. Enjoy dinner on the porch at sunset with warm conversation and mutual appreciation. Music and arts festivals leave glowing memories. And, while other parts of our life might creep to a halt, we can take an opportunity for a moment of romance or friendship-bonding all sparked by joy.

Since four planets- including Venus- are now retrograde as Mercury slows down to turn retrograde later this the month, some growing excitement may not play out quite the way we’d hoped, though we can have wonderful moments in between. We can brainstorm great ideas for the future- map out a four-year plan or come up with a radical solution- but those plans will need to be adjusted later. We might be diverted by a wild side agenda, an emergency problem or great surprise which grabs our time and attention or reconnects us with the past in unexpected ways.

On Friday a talkative Gemini Moon helps us adjust our plans and have great short conversations. Laugh together, take notes, but don’t even try to plan seriously. A cozier Cancer Moon over the weekend brings us more to our hearts, but whether we defend our tender spots, domesticate or help others find a home, or share our heart in love and creativity- is up to us.

On Sunday, Venus passes in front of the Sun and conjuncts, called an inferior or interior conjunction, and we may clarify what we care about. It’s a good time to listen to our heart and commit towards an authentic direction forward, but leave the details for later.

This commitment to our heart’s calling echoes and magnifies as the Moon enters Leo on Monday morning and conjuncts the Sun early on Wednesday. Both Sun and Mars aspect change-inducing Uranus early next week which can bring an erratic quality to our energy, though it ebbs and flows, a rebellious quality, and a spark which can ignite a forest fire or an argument, or a fabulous new creation, at a moment’s notice. Take a chance to let go, release some hook or some belief that no longer serves and clear the ground for this next round.

On that cleared ground the seeds we plant now, our emotional and creative seeds, will sprout, if we are willing to garden them well in the cycle ahead. Do we want to plant resentment and righteousness- negative Leo, or compassion, self-care, panache and generosity, the positive attributes of Leo.

This week ends on a focused Virgo Moon which can help us follow through on some details, and ask us to calm down, get a bit more practical, and make sure we water the garden.

starcodes week of July 11 through 17

Friday, August 11: Writing, talking, communication, may take extra words but we have plenty of them as Mercury approaches Mars in Virgo. If we feel crankiness in our environment, we will get further if we take a more mutually healing approach. Look for the stress behind the stress as Mars quincunx Chiron; healthy empathy with boundaries will get us father than prickliness. The mood slows down and calls for cozy acceptance tonight as the Moon enters Cancer, an introverted moment in an extroverted time.

Moon sextile Venus 12:51 AM, Mars quincunx Chiron 6:11 AM, Moon square Neptune 11:27 AM, Moon enters Cancer 4:52 PM.

Saturday, August 12: That empathy can become tangible under a homey Cancer moon. We might need to draw our overextended antenna in and step away from the buzz for quiet moment alone or with our closest people, though circumstances could ask us to be helpful anyway. Engage thoughtful conversation at dinner time.

Moon trine Saturn 2:37 AM, Sun trines Chiron 12:12 PM, Moon se tile Jupiter 10:05 PM.

Sunday, August 13: The sun-Venus conjunction brings us to our hearts, we want to be safe enough to care under a sensitive Cancer moon. Some person or event may tug on our heartstrings from the past. We may have a strong emotional charge that can feel out of proportion, it will calm down once we feel heard. Our emotional charge cranks up in all directions. Acknowledge another’s feelings without necessarily buying into their story. Think about what truly matters and dwell there.

Moon sextile Mercury 3:25 AM, Sun conjunct Venus 5:15 AM, Moon sextile Mars 10:56 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 2:30 PM, Moon trine Neptune 10:57 PM.

Monday, August 14: Our inner dialogue may be too loud to hear other people’s needs. We may be feeling generous, but still give unneeded advice instead of needed help. Make it an in-breath and out breath, express, then truly listen. Tonight some longer-term issue from the past needs attention but not reignition as Saturn semi-squares Chiron.

Moon opposed Pluto 1:46 AM, Moon enters Leo 4:36 AM, Venus trine Chiron 8:55 AM, Saturn semi-square Chiron 10:38 PM.

Tuesday, August 15: Keep the heart open through some unexpected twists and turns as the waning Moon conjunct Venus while the Sun squares Uranus. Care and love even with an undercurrent of restless anticipation. Let the restlessness break inertia and complete some cycles, clear the ground. Make thoughtful adjustments for the good of all sentient beings.

Moon square Jupiter 10:44 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 6:43 PM, Moon trine Chiron 8:25 PM, Sun square Uranus 8:34 PM.

Wednesday, August 16: Start something wonderful on this potentially eventful Leo new Moon; create positive excitement and avoid negative drama. This new Moon can bring our hearts alive, so let’s give everyone a chance to shine. The energy gets kicked up a notch as Mars trine Uranus, and help can help us reset our habits, our directions, our map. Common sense and competence returns tonight, but so may some underlying tendency to worry, as Moon enters cerebral Virgo.

Moon square Uranus 3:04 AM, Moon conjunct Sun 3:38 AM, Mars trine Uranus 7:53 AM, Mercury quincunx Chiron 12:01 PM, Moon enters Virgo 5:14 PM.

Thursday, August 17: A serious morning can leave us feeling our age, whatever it is, as the Moon opposes Saturn. The mood is more upbeat by noon and encourages us to focus on how to implement yesterday’s great ideas. Let’s watch a tendency to come up with great ideas for other people to do and just follow up on our own path. Immerse in a project and pay extra attention to the details.

Moon opposed Saturn 2:31 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 11:48 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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