Focusing on your Chakras: a gentle way to healing


We often hear about Chakras, but what are they and what do they do? Chakras emerged from Hinduism a few thousand years ago; they are part of Yoga. In the west, we tend to think of Yoga as an exercise, but traditionally it is a way of life. Yoga is a path to cultivate discernment, awareness, self-regulation, and higher consciousness in our lives. Attention to your Chakras will offer something similar. Taken literally, Chakra means Wheel. Chakras are dynamic energy centers (vortexes) that are constantly in motion. They both read and send information to our energetic bodies, physical bodies, organs, and brain. They are funnel shaped with the narrow part closest to the spine. As they emanate out from the spine, they get larger both in the front and back of your aura body.

Each Chakra is governed by different properties or qualities. In the beginning of your exploration, it is often easier to tune into the Chakra at the front of the body. There are colors and layers associated with each chakra representing various frequencies. As you explore your Chakras you will find more and more complexity and subtlety.

focusing on your chakras

People talk about wanting the Chakras to be wide open. This is really dependent on the situation that you are in. It is not always advisable to have all your chakras wide open. As an example, on a crowded plane, or in a bar. These are not times that you would want to be wide open. This is a time when you want to cultivate psychic boundaries so that you are not taking in too much information from those around you. Walking in the woods or working in the garden would be a time to open your Chakras wider. Regulating your own Chakras can help you feel more comfortable in your own body.

A consistent flow is more important than how open it is. A well-functioning Chakra is one that is rotating smoothly in a clockwise direction at a constant speed. As we focus on a Chakra; sitting quietly or walking, it will change. A beautiful quality of the Chakras is how responsive they are to attention; it will become more consistent in its flow. If it has been wobbly, it may become more balanced and circular. The speed may change. The degree of openness may shift. With our attention, the flow becomes more symmetrical. If you have ever worked with clay on a potter’s wheel, you know that at first, the clay is wobbly and lopsided. But as you cup the clay in your hands it begins to stabilize and center. Chakras stabilize and center in a similar way.

The Chakras work individually and together. As a practice, begin to tune into your first Chakra. This is located at the base of your spine and moves outward from both the front and back of your body. It is typically red in color, however, you may find other colors at first. Validate whatever you find, see, feel and or hear. You can focus during a quiet meditation, while taking a walk or just noticing the color red throughout your day. Do not worry about doing it right. Try breathing into the space where your first Chakra is located. Ask it to open wide and then practice making it smaller. Think of the aperture of a camera as how it opens and closes. Sometimes this is an easier way to tap into your Chakra. Practice this for a few minutes each day and be sure to acknowledge and validate what you find.

The first Chakra is governed by a sense of the physical: food, drink, shelter, support and health can all be issues that affect the first Chakra. Often these are old wounds that are not in current time with who we are now. An unbalanced first chakra is also a clue to what might be happening in our life and it can direct us to make changes. As you begin to nourish your relationship with your first Chakra, you will see changes in your daily life. Remember to play with this and have fun with your discoveries. It will become easier with practice.

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Sara Remke
Sara Remke has been teaching psychic boundaries, grounding, dream work, chakras and auras for the past 13 years. She is a long time student of John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher's Psychic Psychology. This work has helped her to create better boundaries and to have deeper and more satisfying relationships. She teaches a unique meditation practice that helps people to clear their own auras, discern various energies, release anger and so much more. After owning and running the Black Dog Cafe for 24 years she has now moved into full time teaching and counseling. Sara currently is a practicing End of Life Death Doula and works with the energies of the dying as a part of her teachings. Sara lives with her cat Mama and has 1 adult son. She enjoys travel, water, dreaming and exploring.


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